Tout et rien…

… i.e. everything and nothing.

I planned on doing a Me Made May wrap up yesterday and then show a project I’m working on tomorrow. Only tomorrow’s project isn’t done yet.  So I’m just babbling today.  You’ve been warned.

I can’t imagine Me Made May to be super fascinating for my readers who don’t sew.  I mean, even for me, taking endless selfies to prove I’m wearing what I’ve made is a little tedious.  I did manage to wear at least one me-made item per day but since I skipped the selfies, you’ll just have to take my word for it.  Honestly, I’ll be skipping the selfies next year too.  Daily selfies add the pressure of not wearing the same thing twice.  Over a whole month.  I’d rather just make the effort to wear what I’ve made and notice what I pull out and what I leave aside.  I’ll happily donate what I never wear and focus my sewing efforts on the gaps in the wardrobe.  Which brings me to everything I made this month! Six tops and a dress.  Look! (Was going to make a collage.  Got lazy.)






I have never made this much for myself in so little time.  Especially not this many items that I know I will wear a lot.  So go me?  Or something like that…

Which brings me to June and what I’m working on.  There’s a fabric stash contest over at Pattern Review.  Anything bought before 2015 counts as stash and the person who uses the most of their stash wins.  Apparently, the winner usually uses up around 100 yards!  I have absolutely no hope of winning but it’s still the perfect incentive to get through some of my fabric.  With the impending move to a smaller place, reducing the stash is a Very Good Thing.  So watch this space for my stash busting projects!

Fabric Stash Contest 2015

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