Stash Busting Peasant Top

I’d forgotten about this fabric.  It’s navy cotton eyelet with a scalloped selvage.  I’ve had it for at least two years.  I fell in love with it on, uh,, I think?  I had to have it so I bought two yards of it.  And then, the search for a pattern was on.  It had to have a straight edge at the bottom so I could use that scallop but gathered skirts don’t like me.  The fabric waited.

And then, I found New Look 6267.  It seemed perfect.

Seemed being the operative word.  Well, it actually is perfect for the fabric.  Just not perfect for me.

I cut out view C.  That would be the shorter length. I muslined the small and it was too tight in the arms and hips. So I made a medium and screwed up on the length (ended making the longer one).

It turned out that the medium was still too small in the hips but was a bit too big in the bust.

I knew I would never wear it so I picked it apart and recut it.  Not enough fabric to just start over you see.  I removed an inch from center back and center front (so a total of 4″ around), gradually down to 0 at the hips.  If I’d had enough fabric to recut new pieces, I actually would have removed that inch all the way down and then added in more space at the sides for the hips if that makes any sense.

Anyway.  I sewed it up, leaving the side seams open at the hips for breathing room. Not that I breathe through my hips or anything… It isn’t the best finishing but I really wanted to keep my interior french seams.  So I just finished the vents with bias binding cut from the same fabric as the neckline’s binding. (That would be plain old cotton of the quilting variety.)


I gathered the neckline and adjusted it until the fit seemed right.  I tried to secure it there and not mess it up while I was sewing the binding on but uh… yeah.  Way wide.  Not to the point that I must absolutely do something about it but it’s likely that I’ll gather it up a bit more.  Someday.



And.  You can see that it could use some waist shaping, huh?  Sure, it’s supposed to have a lot of ease but it’s a bit sack-ish right now.  If I go back and redo the gathering, I may try to take in the waist a bit.  Someday.


In the meantime, I’m belting it and calling it good.

Fabric Stash Contest 2015

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4 comments on “Stash Busting Peasant Top
  1. Charity says:

    That fabric would be calling my name too! (In fact, I have something very similar with a smaller motif that I picked up at JoAnn last year… but mine sadly lacks scallops.)
    I’ll bet a contrasting belt would look great with it. =)


    • I’m a sucker for a pretty eyelet! My belt situation is pretty dire. I need to go shopping! It’s just that narrow belts give me that lovely sausage casing look and wide belts are uncomfortable (I have a short waist so there isn’t a lot of space between the top of my hip and my ribcage). Hmmm, maybe I should sew some up in pretty fabric! Oh… That actually sounds like a really good plan…


  2. […] that I always seem to sew clothes instead.  But after all the work that I had to do to get that eyelet top to work, I needed something simple.  Dead simple.  This hot and cold pack fit the […]


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