Two More Tank Tops

And with that, I’m done with the fabric stash contest!  I’m sooooo far from the people who will be winning but I knew going in that this would happen.  Still 15 yards on a total stash of 150 yards?  That’s 10%!

First up, the All Wrapped Up Tank by Hot Patterns.  The pattern is free.  I made a size 14.  I think?  There’s no sizing chart so I just measured the pattern pieces and went with the one closest to my measurements.  I had a hard time with those wrap pieces though.  They are way too long.  Look here.


I made a huge bow and the ends still hang down very low. I tried wrapping it around myself twice but then it gets bulky.  I ended up chopping off over 30″.  If I were to do it again, I would just extend the first piece a little. (Oh yeah, the wrap is in two pieces.)


Much more manageable.


The pattern itself is just okay.  There was some weirdness happening at the shoulder and neckline with the wrap pieces.  The pattern makes it seem like the wrap will get partially caught in the neck band but it doesn’t say where it comes out of the band to become free floating.  I did my best but I wasn’t sure I’d gotten it right.


I’ve been wearing it and I really need to pull the wrap nice and tight to not have some odd pouch at the side.  It might be because of the fabric though.

Second is the Aurora by Colette (in the Seamwork mag).  I made a medium.  I’m actually between a medium and a large.  Colette recommends going bigger but I’ve done that before on their knits patterns and it always ends up a bit big.  So I went smaller.


I may try a bigger size next time.  The tank fits well but isn’t exactly loose and flowy.


Apart from that, I loved this pattern.  It has pretty gathers at the shoulders and a pleat in the back. And it’s perfect for some color blocking.


And that’s a wrap!  I’m done with stash and working with new fabric next…

Fabric Stash Contest 2015

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4 comments on “Two More Tank Tops
  1. Charity says:

    I really like the gathered shoulders on the Aurora tank. They both turned out pretty nice!


  2. nitadances says:

    I love that Aurora top…I think you’ve got a keeper! Imagine it done up in sparkly fabric for Christmas wear!


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