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It’s called Hydrangea but to me, it’ll always be Monet’s water lilies, the one from MoMA. The fiber is Blueface (that’s a kind of sheep) from Gale’s Art, bought in Rhinebeck almost two years ago. I liked the colors.  Pink, purple, blue, and green, which, yeah.  Hydrangea is fitting. (Some of these pictures are phone pictures and the colors are off. The finished yarn pictures have better color.)


When I bought it, I decided I needed to preserve the color changes.  Chain plying seemed like the best solution only I had never done it.  So last year, during Tour de Fleece, I started on some green roving that was meant to practice said chain plying.  I think it was even Blueface too but I’m not sure.  Anyway, I never finished it.  So I finished it this year!


(Side note: I know I never mentioned this year’s Tour de Fleece while it was happening but that’s because I was busy moving. I did Instagram it though…)

And then I started, on the Hydrangea.  I wanted to spin it in one go, drafting out the whole thing so that I would have loooong color changes.  But the fiber had gotten mothed, just a little.  I gave it the hot water treatment and I think it might have felted a teeny tiny bit.  It was still very spinnable but I just could not draft it at its full thickness.  I thought I might split it in four and ended up splitting it in three.  Still thinking chain plying… And I spun my singles…

I love spinning this bfl roving! I can't stop. "Let me just get to the next color!" #tourdefleece #handspun

Color change! Why yes, I am indeed obsessed with this fiber... #tourdefleece #handspun

Finished the first third! #tourdefleece #handspun

And spun…


And spun some more…


#tourdefleece may be over but I'm still spinning. I really want to finish this yarn before next year! Progress is slower because some more pressing projects have taken over most of my time. #handspun

Tour de Fleece was over but I kept spinning…


And I had it all. But something had happened along the way.  I saw how the colors played together when I was winding them onto the spindle.  It reminded me of the water lilies.  So pretty.  I knew my three balls of single weren’t quite the same size and the colors would blend.  I was hoping to get that impressionistic look in my finished 3 ply.

First bit of 3ply done! Still have a bit of my #tourdefleece singles left on 2 of the 3 bobbins. Thinking of chain plying that...

I kept plying until I ran out of one of the balls.


Isn’t it pretty? In some places, the same color met up for a more uniform color but most of the time, it’s a blend of two or three different ones.  The effect is a little more muted, blended.


If my calculations are right, I have about 370-375 yards of heavy fingering or sport weight yarn.

I practiced my chain plying on the two leftover balls.  I figured it would give me roughly the same thickness as my three ply.  Bonus: I got to compare the effect of both types of plying on the colors.


Do you see how much brighter those smaller hanks look compared to the big one?


And now… what to knit with this beauty…  I’m thinking cowl, scarf or mini shawl…  What would you make?

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6 comments on “Spinning Stuff
  1. Autumn says:

    I love it! I enjoy making mini chain-plied skeins with my leftovers, and comparing them to the marled skein, too.


    • Thank you! And I’m sorry it took so long to approve and reply. Somehow, your comment ended up in the potential spam folder and I just now looked in there to find you!

      I can’t wait to see the differences between the main hank and the mini ones when I knit them up. Only I have another project that need to get done first. And I need to find the perfect pattern…


  2. Charity says:

    Ooh, that is some pretty yarn! I like how bright the smaller hanks are.


  3. […] PS: There’s one intruder in there, i.e. yarn that was purchased.  Can you find it? And if you want to see the handspun from further back, look here and here. […]


  4. […] want patterns that will use up very last inch, especially when I love the yarn as much as I loved this one, that reminded me of Monet water […]


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