New Mingo and Grace

When you move to a new place, a lot less sewing takes place for a while.  But then, Farrah asks for testers for her new pattern, MG2715, and well, you just have to fit it in!

This one is a gathered skirt and crop top set with a few options. The skirt sits higher on the waist. It should cover the belly button.  Unless your child pulls it down underneath…


The skirt can either have a flat front with elastic back or elastic all the way around (I used elastic all the way around). The crop top can be sleeveless, short, or 3/4.  Mine are short. The top can be buttoned up the whole way in the back, have a button and loop closure, or an open back with a single button at the top.


As always, Farrah’s designs are simple, meant to be a blank canvas for your own ideas.  And I can see so much with this one!  Flip the opening to the front and you have a great little jacket shape.  I really want to try that…

There’s just one thing to keep in mind when choosing a size.  V fits perfectly into a size 4 but the armscye and sleeve are a tiny bit tight.  Perfect for children with slim arms, less perfect for children who still have baby yumminess on theirs…


In the future, I’ll keep the size 4 for width and length but use the size 5 armscye and sleeve width.

I love this pattern with fabric that have some body to them.  I used quilting cotton and it really shows off the top’s boxiness.


Oh! I almost forgot to mention my other modification.  I sewed up the pattern as is but flipped the facings to the outside for contrast. Super simple, no need to alter any pattern pieces…

If you buy this before the end of the weekend, use coupon code LABORDAY20 for a 20% discount.  And for more tester samples, go here:

Sewsophielynn – She made two sets!

Candice Ayala – Cute fabric combination and the top is fully lined.

(I’ll update this list as more testers blog about their samples.)





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5 comments on “New Mingo and Grace
  1. Thanks for squeezing MG2715 in! I love what you’ve done with the pattern. Thank you


    • No problem! I just wished I could have squeezed one in for my other daughter too. I have a not quite completely worked out vision of a dress from that pattern. Something with a knit tank part that would attach to the skirt and the crop top over it all but attached. I still need to work it out in my mind…


  2. Charity says:

    I like how you flipped the facings to the outside- that’s a fun touch!


  3. […] check out how adorable Deux souriceaux daughter is! She got creative and flipped the facing inside out for a cute collar type […]


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