Fall Cardi-Jacket Thingy

Before I go any further, I swear I pressed each and every seam at the highest temperature setting for my fabric. Still, some of those seams are a little bubbly.  I’ll have to press them some more…

I bought this McCall’s pattern recently.  Recently meaning at some point in the last three or four months. I originally intended to make the zipped version but I had to order a zipper and I just couldn’t wait for it to arrive. So, toggle.  The fabric is olive ponte from Imaginegnats.  It’s mostly polyester but with a bit of viscose and spandex.  I’ve had ponte that pilled awfully with wear but it has no viscose in it.  Hopefully, this one lasts better.  I’m planning on wearing this thing a lot and I want it to look decent!


My measurements put me in a size 16 but I wanted a little less ease so I went with a 14.  I should have read the review that mentioned the sleeves being on the tight side.  I have no issues putting it on but you can see my T-shirt’s sleeve through the jacket sleeve…


If I make it again, I’ll either see if a size 16 is better or just modify the sleeve to be wider.  Honestly though, this pattern is pretty distinctive so I only see myself making another one if this one becomes ratty.

Construction was straightforward.  There was one spot I had issues with when sewing on the collar but I eventually got it.  There’s a right angle that I wasn’t sure where to place.  Eh, I got it after a bit.

I love the seaming on this jacket.  It’s a little bit hard to get the very curved ones in the back to lie flat (yes, I clipped and pressed) but they’re a fun detail.


And check out my seam matching again!


So technically, the seamline itself isn’t matching up but the stripe of fabric between the seamline and topstitching does.  And every single one matches perfectly.  Not just well enough.  Perfectly!

I placed the button a little higher than the pattern says to.  It just felt better to me to have it right under the bust even though it does mess a little with the collar.  I tried stitching those toggles to the jacket but I made a mess of it so they’re just glued there.  I hate gluing stuff to clothes but it was the best I could do.


Ponte doesn’t ravel so I could have left the seams raw but I prefer to have everything nicely finished so all edges are serged.  The facing is slipstitched all the way around on the inside which means the pockets are completely enclosed.


And now, maybe I should get started on the Halloween sewing, what do you think? (Nah, I have one more thing to finish first.)


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8 comments on “Fall Cardi-Jacket Thingy
  1. That looks so comfortable! Even with the tight sleeves – it’s a good color and looks nice on you. I love seeing people sew sturdy wardrobe staples like that.


    • Thank you! It’s really comfortable! I’ve been trying to fill my closet with things I love and work well with my lifestyle and it’s easier said than done. I might think that an item will be perfect and then something about it ends up not working for me. Maybe the fabric (print, quality, etc.), the shape, the fit… I guess it’s a learning process, isn’t it?

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  2. Love this idea! Good job!


  3. Abigail says:

    Love the pictures! Super cute!!


  4. Charity says:

    Fabrics that don’t press well drive me batty! I love the way you matched those seams up, and the whole thing looks great on you!


    • Thank you! Yep, the ponte has this sort of sponginess that makes it resist the pressing. And the high polyester content means you have to watch the heat. It’s so frustrating when you press a seam only to see it still isn’t flat when you put on your item. I don’t think non sewing people really notice it though…


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