KCW: And… Costumes Done!

I actually finished this whole thing Saturday. We were going to do the haunted walk in Prospect Park that afternoon and the girls wanted to wear their costumes.  Or rather, I wanted them to be able to wear them.  So I hustled and finished everything that morning.

E wanted to be the young Maleficent from the movie.  Like this.

We found some black wings in a store and went for those.  The real ones are gorgeous but way too unwieldy for trick or treating.


For the dress, the Oliver + S Roller Skate dress was an almost perfect match. It just wasn’t long enough.  I lengthened it 10″, following the original line.  In hindsight, I can see that I should have made it wider at the bottom too. It’s a wee bit narrow.


For the feather trim, I hot glued feathers to some tulle.  Burned my fingers too.  Then I sewed my trim to the neckline and sleeves.  It isn’t very well sewn because the glue was gumming up my needle but I plan on removing the trim after Halloween anyway.  Then, she can wear the dress whenever she wants.  E would like to keep the trim but well, it isn’t exactly machine washable…



For the horns, I used a headband, paper cups (I cut them shorter), aluminum foil, and black duct tape.  The paper cups placed upside down gave me a base and I molded the aluminum foil on top of them to get the right shape (roughly).  Then, I wrapped them with the duct tape and attached them to the headband with it as well.  I think I’ll add a barrette to it before Halloween though.  The headband tends to slip around but it’s too thick for bobby pins.


And now, there’s nothing I have to do! I get to pick my project! How exciting is that?


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5 comments on “KCW: And… Costumes Done!
  1. MJ Hanson says:

    Amazing! You did such a great job!


  2. Abigail says:

    Wow! That’s great!


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