Slowly Swatching

As soon as I finished those costumes last Saturday, I decided that I was starting my birthday month a little early and I was going to do what I want.  So Sunday, when I should have been putting in my KCW sewing hour (I was planning on mending some leggings), I picked up my knitting instead.  And Monday, instead of picking any of the numerous items on my need-to-sew list, I started swatching for a second version of that sweater.

I’ve had in mind to use some thicker cotton-acrylic yarn for a sleeveless version with some sort of drop stitch pattern.  First swatch was just meant to figure out what tension to use (10, the loosest one) and to see what kind of drop stitches I wanted. I already had something in mind so I didn’t need to do try a whole lot of different things.


Tuesday (I said I was taking my time!), I made two more swatches.  One in a tentative drop stitch stripe sequence for the collar.


One in a tentative all over pattern for the body.


You know, when I planned out those two swatches, I thought I had it already.  I thought they were going to be just right.  And then, I looked at them.  The stripe sequence wasn’t exactly right and those leaf shapes were just a smidge small.  And they might have more impact as just a center panel.  I’d thought I was going to start making yardage on Wednesday but…

Two more swatches.



Better, right?  Think I might get some yardage done today?

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4 comments on “Slowly Swatching
  1. I really like the larger leaf shapes…looking forward to seeing how it all goes 🙂


  2. Charity says:

    That second set of swatches looks awesome! I’m looking forward to seeing the results. =)


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