Denim Moss

You know that quick project I started last Friday?  I finished it over the weekend and took pictures at the same time as the top.  So, same main picture for the post.  Lazy? Umm yes.  But also, I realized that I was so focused on getting good sweater pics that I forgot to get good skirt ones…


The pattern is the Grainline Studio Moss skirt.  A basic mini, really.  I was afraid it might be too short but since I’m short too, it’s just the length I was looking for.  I wear flats a lot and I find either short or ankle length skirts to work best.  The pattern is well drafted and the instructions are good.  Very professional look to it.  Fabric is denim with a Wonder Woman accent in the pockets.  But since the pockets are caught in the center front seam, they will always be hidden.  I had the hardest time getting this picture!


I had a few issues when sewing.  For one, I started running out of topstitching thread and had to switch to only one line of topstitching instead of the two I wanted (I’m not close enough to any fabric stores to just run out and get some).


(Sorry for the cat hairs.  I tried to get them off but they’re sticky.)


Second, is the waistband.  I was so careful aligning the skirt edges at the zipper so that it would be even.  And then. I sewed on the waistband and it was uneven.  What?


See?  If I try to pull it so that it’s even I get weird bunching/rippling.


And third is the stinking buttonhole.  I always get this bulk at the waist seam because of all the seam allowances hanging out together.  No matter how carefully I grade them, I always have this bulk.  My buttonhole foot hates it.  I think it took me half a dozen tries to get this one done!  And don’t look too closely at it…

I kind of wish I’d added patch pockets on the back.  And… do you see some weird bulging in front?


(I know, my hand is in my pocket.  That doesn’t help matters.) M doesn’t see anything but I do.  Mostly when I move around.  I’m wondering if it might be a pocket issue.  The inside of the pocket has a denim part and a lining part.  Maybe the denim adds too much bulk?  I don’t know.  Regardless of those issues, I think this skirt will be getting a lot of wear.  And I’m already planning a grey corduroy one, maybe one with pockets!

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