Star and Ack!

I’m working on something new that I’ve been meaning to do for a long long time.  Something else always comes first.  But this time, Project Run and Play helped me out.  The November/December challenge is fabric manipulation.  I had so many options but I settled on the five point star from Shadowfolds. Tried it out on some shimmery voile, because stars shimmer, right?


It isn’t perfect but I am so happy with it!  I was afraid it might be one of those projects that look so simple but end up being nearly impossible to do well. I decided to go for a simple garment to showcase the star.  Charlie by Mingo and Grace. I was going to pleat the flounce instead of gathering it.


See the flounce? No?  Yeah, that’s where the “ack” comes in.  My sewing machine started acting up.  It has a start/stop button that I never use because I prefer the control the pedal gives me.  It just started sewing on its own! I thought maybe I had inadvertently pressed the button.  I pressed it to stop it.  Nothing.  I had to actually turn it off to stop it.  Turned it back on and it just started sewing on its own again! Turned it off and looked for a repair place (found one a 15-20 minute walk away).  I haven’t called yet.  This kind of behavior feels like a computer issue rather than a mechanical one.  I turned it back on and it didn’t move.  Maybe the computer reset itself.  But I haven’t tried yet.  It turns out I don’t like the pleated flounce.  I need to figure out something else.

I really hope my machine is okay…

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2 comments on “Star and Ack!
  1. Charity says:

    My sewing machine was doing the opposite a while back- just not sewing at all. And it did turn out to be a computer issue… I hope yours is easy to fix!
    This star is just awesome! How about a circular flounce instead of the pleats? Or turning it into a tunic could be really cute.


    • My machine seems to have reset itself and is sewing properly (all the more reason to believe it’s a computer issue) but I’m constantly on my guard, you know?

      The original pattern has a gathered flounce and I got too lazy to completely redraw the pattern piece. Instead, I just narrowed it so it wouldn’t need to be gathered (it already had the same angle as the top part) and made another smaller star for that portion. I’m almost done and hope to get pictures in time to post it Friday!


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