Stars Dress

Or I could have said “Christmas Tree Topper Dress”.  Or “What Was I Thinking She’s Going To Get Tomato Sauce All Over It White Dress”.  Let’s just stick with stars.


This month’s Project Run and Play challenge is fabric manipulation.  As it happens, I’d been meaning to try out shadowfolds.  In fact, I’ve had the star pattern printed out for over a year.  Basically, you tie points together on the back of the fabric.  Then, you turn it over, arrange the folds with your fingers and press.


I used white cotton voile with a bit of silver shimmer on it.  Do you see it in the picture above? It’s very subtle.  Most of the time, the voile just looks white.  You only get a flash of shimmer when the light shines directly on it.

Since the voile is sheer and this was going to be a dress, I decided to underline it with white cotton (I used Cloud 9 Cirrus solids; it’s such a lovely fabric).


I went with the Mingo and Grace Charlie dress.  It has the simple, clean lines I wanted to showcase that front star. (I made the star before cutting out the fabric so that it would be exactly where I wanted.)

I was going to pleat the bottom flounce instead of gathering it.  The idea was to echo the folds in the bodice.  Didn’t work out.  And my sewing machine obviously hated it because it acted up on me.  (It has since gone back to behaving properly of its own accord. I’m sure it was a computer glitch.)  Instead, I modified the flounce to just be a band that followed the A line of the bodice.  Easy peasy.  The flounce pattern piece is already rounded to match the bodice edge so all I had to do was chop off part of the width.


I made a second, smaller star for the front flounce.  (Don’t think I can still call it that though.)


On the back, I also layered the voile with the white cotton but I chose to leave it plain.


With a silver button. I made a thread loop and, for the first time ever, it is exactly the right size!


V says that she can maybe have pasta without sauce when she wears that dress.  Yes.  Plain pasta.  Or rice.  No butter.  I’m kidding.  I know how to get grease and tomato out of this kind of fabric as long as I catch it fast.  What I’m afraid of is paint.  And turmeric.  Always be afraid of turmeric.



(I have no clue why she’s holding her sister’s shoes.  I knew better than to ask.)

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6 comments on “Stars Dress
  1. sabrinaropp says:

    That is such a great idea. I’ve nver heard of shadow folding, but I love it. Your dress is a perfect holdiay dress!


  2. Charity says:

    That looks so cool! I love the addition of the smaller star on the lower section. Kids with white is a risky combination, but it looks so good on them that it’s worth the risk!


  3. BEAUTIFUL!!! It’s one of those dresses that I would do a “double take” to see the subtle details. Great fabric manipulation technique . . . that I’m now itching to try!!


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