All the Shirts and Blouses

All of them!  I may be developing an obsession.  They’re just what I want to wear right now.  It started with me not having enough fabric for a jacket-coat-thingy that I wanted to make.  But I did have two yards of soft and silky cotton-silk fabric from Mood.  You know the warm softness of cotton?  And the slinky cool softness of silk?  This fabric has both.  Both!  I browsed through my patterns and settled on the Sewaholic Alma blouse.  I bought it with plans to make a summery view A but this fabric wanted view C.


It looks floppy like that because I haven’t sewn the side seams yet.  I realized at the last minute that I didn’t have the right size and color of invisible zipper.  And I may have used a blue zipper on the birdcage dress but I am most certainly not using a white one on this cottony-silky gorgeousness!

I figured I may as well make the sleeves in the meantime.  The fabric presses pretty well (thank you, cotton!) but man is it slippy-slidey!  And delicate.  I went all the way down to a 65/9 needle and would go down further if I could.  These are my first real cuffs and they are far from perfect.


(I can’t believe I’m showing even part of the wonkiness.)


Honestly, I would really prefer them to be absolutely perfect but I can tell that this fabric will not take kindly to having seams ripped.  And even if I recut the sleeves, plackets, and cuffs, who’s to say it won’t be even wonkier? So I’m going to accept the fact that these are actually really decent for not only a first try but a first try on slippery fabric.  The next cuffs will surely be better.

Because yes, I want to make more!  A real, honest to goodness one.  The Sewaholic Granville (view C).  I’ve even been hard at work designing a fabric for it.  Based on this blurry close up of a flower (I’m changing the color and fiddling around with different possibilities; the point is to have something that doesn’t scream flower).


When I get that done, there are so many more to sew!  The Grainline Archer, Deer & Doe Bruyère or Airelle, Sew Chic Ehlen, Thread Theory Camas, this Butterick that I’ve pinned twice for some reason… Do you have any favorites I should also look at?

Creative mommy at home to two wonderful little girls, trying to juggle family, sewing, exercise, family, knitting, photography, and did I mention family?

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