Not Eight Already!!!

I keep repeating myself but I just love that E was born right on the Winter solstice.  It’s so fitting.  For me at least, the solstice has this quiet joy.  We’re settling in for Winter but we know that days will just get longer.  And E at her best has this same peaceful, content, quality.


E has been through a big change this year.  We moved and she changed schools.  As much as people say they will visit, it just never happens and she’s had to make new friends.  And she did.


Her new school is more challenging than the old one.  Children are more advanced in their reading and are expected to produce a lot of writing.  The thing is, E is slow and deliberate.  She likes to think about what she wants to say before she writes.  But she’s rising to the challenge.  She wants to do well and knows that hard work will get her there.  She can spell “garrulous”! She isn’t quite sure what it means but she can spell it… (It was a bonus word in a spelling quizz.  It was the one word that she just couldn’t remember but she tried over and over until she had it.)

I won’t lie.  I worry about her.  She’s doing so well but I worry anyway. I always will.


There’s no denying that my baby is growing up.  Frozen isn’t her favorite anymore.  She wants to see Star Wars and uh, whatever it is her friends like.  (I wouldn’t know. I’m old and uncool. But I’m not so uncool that she doesn’t want to spend time with me yet.)


She’s only 8 but she has started giving us attitude.  I guess I should count myself lucky that she’s only started that these past few months.  Her sister has been giving us attitude since birth!


But she’s still so kind. So sweet to her little sister (when she isn’t telling her what to do; why yes, she’s a total mom to V).

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) activities rock her world.  She can spend hours trying to build machines with her GoldieBlox or legos.  Inventing games for her sister, drawing, dancing, doing math games…  I love watching what that brain of hers can come up with.  I love that excited light in her eyes when she has a new idea.


Happy birthday to my sweetheart of an 8 year old!  I can’t wait to see who you end up being.  But not too fast…


Creative mommy at home to two wonderful little girls, trying to juggle family, sewing, exercise, family, knitting, photography, and did I mention family?

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