2015 Review and 2016 Creative Goals

I must be what? The last one to write one of these? I usually take some time to myself on the first day of the year to quiet my mind and think over the past year and make some sort of plan for the coming one.  This year wasn’t quite so quiet on the first so it took me until the 5th to do it.

For reference, this is last year’s post. I actually had the whole list in my notebook and checked things off as I accomplished them.  So I can say right away that I only took one of the two Craftsy classes I said I would take.  And I didn’t even quite finish that one.  I got bored.  And I didn’t fully create that one machine knit item.  I didn’t create the Spoonflower collection and I didn’t write that last sustainable shopping post.  But I did do all the rest!

I didn’t mention it in last year’s post but I knew then that we would be moving.  I thought I could do it all but it turns out that moving took up way more time and energy than I thought it would.  Especially afterwards.  I love Brooklyn so much!  But I haven’t quite finished adapting.  E’s new school is more challenging than the old one and she needs more help with her homework but our apartment layout means I can’t help and cook at the same time.  We do have plans to change that but it takes time.  Just like getting a washer and dryer in here is taking forever and a day.  (I have to go to the basement to use the communal washer and dryer right now.  I’m in a fourth floor walk up…) Switching from one big grocery trip per week to several small ones…  Finding my favorite stores…  Adapting to the girls’ school schedules…  Keeping the clutter down in a smaller living space…  All of it just takes up way more of my energy than I thought they would.

I look back on last year and I remember that I wanted almost all new items in the girls’ and my wardrobe to be handmade. I know I did it because I was making too much stuff the girls were never wearing.  It was what I wanted to make but it wasn’t what they needed.  I did focus on the wearables but it cost me my creativity.

Which brings me to this year’s goals.  I’m cutting myself some slack.  The girls and I will get store bought items but I will give thought to each purchase.  Do we really need the item?  Is it well made and is the price fair?  That should free up some time for more fun. And it’ll take the pressure off so that I can take my time and focus on quality.  So maybe there’ll be more in progress posts.  Or just fewer of them all around…

So in bullet points because I love a list…


  • Finish the stupid modular scarf I started for E
  • Fix the pink socks I made that are just too short in the foot
  • Start the blanket I’ve been meaning to make from leftover sock yarn (this pattern)
  • Reduce the yarn stash through knitting and getting rid of what I’ll never use
  • I’d like to knit myself some socks that fit perfectly.  I keep pretending I don’t have high arches and don’t need to have more stitches around the instep.  Then I struggle to get the socks on and can see the fabric stretching out way too much to go over that part.
  • Use my handspun.


  • Use up my good fabrics! That includes some Liberty of London, more of that cotton silk, Cone Mills denim, Nani Iro double gauze, and some organic knit for V.  And well, basically, use up some stash.
  • Work on quality. I wanted perfectly finished seams, even topstitching, the works.  That doesn’t mean I won’t be serging seam allowances but that it will be neat.

Those two combined mean I’ll be making myself jeans, blouses, and tops.  Quality fabrics in patterns that I’ll wear combined with attention to construction will hopefully mean a wardrobe I love.


  • Take 1 Craftsy class (see how I’m revising expectations?)
  • Fix up the blog (I want to make it prettier).
  • Work on sewing techniques for my machine knits.
  • Start jotting ideas down in my notebook again.  Hmmm.  Find the notebook.
  • Put more time into machine knitting.
  • Design 5 fabrics on Spoonflower. And get some yardage of it. And make something from it.
  • Try a new technique in each medium I work in (machine knitting, fabric manipulation, sewing, hand knitting, photography)

This is the year I cut myself some slack, focus on quality and creativity even if that means I go more slowly.  The biggest challenge is going to be the computer stuff.  I would always rather be making with my hands.  But hey, I’m not moving this year so this totally doable, right? Right?

PS: Featured picture is just a random one.  I took it with my macro lens in December.  It’s the only good shot of the Christmas tree branches I had and it didn’t seem to fit in with any other collection of pictures I shared.  Figured here was just as good as anywhere else…

Creative mommy at home to two wonderful little girls, trying to juggle family, sewing, exercise, family, knitting, photography, and did I mention family?

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2 comments on “2015 Review and 2016 Creative Goals
  1. Charity says:

    I haven’t written a review and goals post… I’ve been too busy sewing! 😉 I do know that I only finished about 1/4 of the things I wanted to last year… but I don’t mind because I learned a whole lot that wasn’t on the list and made things that made me happy, including a baby. 😉 I have a giant list of things I want to do that I wrote down a few days ago, but I’m not even calling it goals- more like ideas. And I’ve actually already sewn three of the things on the list!
    I like your list, but particularly the very last item in the other category. =)


    • Yeah, I would say making a baby definitely trumps a sewing list! I actually listed a few patterns I was planning on sewing up but didn’t blog them. I know myself well enough to know that I might change my mind in a month… Besides, looking at a list of items to make is less inspiring for me than that last item in the other category. Trying and learning is what makes me happier!


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