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Did I ever say that I love Project Run and Play?  Because I love it.  Sewing along is the perfect excuse to get creative.  And that signature style week forces me to use my knitting machine.  See, I always want to use it.  I have tons of ideas I want to try out.  But then, I get caught up in sewing things that I know I or the girls will wear and the knitting machine waits.

And Project Run and Play is coming.  As it happens, the first week is all about knits.  I figured I should make something then.  It’ll only be leg warmers but a small, easy project is perfect for getting back into it, don’t you think? So I got back into it yesterday.  I was planning on working on a design but my morning got caught up in fixing a hole in my sweater (more on that one Friday).  I only had one hour to work.  I found a couple patterns I liked in Design a Knit and used them to try out tensions and color combinations.


The diagonal was knit in tensions 3 and 4 (3 is tighter and definitely better).  But look at those loose stitches! It’s because of the long floats on the back.



This diamond-ish pattern only has 2 stitch floats and it looks much neater.  (Tensions 2 and 3 used here. 3 is best.) And actually, I love this pattern.  A lot.


I may actually end up using it but I’m afraid that introducing a third print in the outfit will be a bit much.  Likewise, I love that dark teal green but I think the brown-beige combo will be better.  I did manage the time to design a chevron pattern so I’ll try it out before I decide but that diamond pattern…

Wanna bet I’ll end up with a completely different stitch pattern? Something textural rather than colored?

Creative mommy at home to two wonderful little girls, trying to juggle family, sewing, exercise, family, knitting, photography, and did I mention family?

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3 comments on “Back at It
  1. Charity says:

    Those are so fun! I love that teal, but I like the pattern you ended up using best. =)


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