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Last weekend, I had this panicky moment when I realized I hadn’t made anything I could share this week.  Life (code word for kids) put a hold on my creative endeavors and what I did manage to make was for Project Run and Play.  I also knew that I would be pressed for time this week too.  And in the coming weeks.  And that my plans for PRP were ambitious so every second I would have would be spent on that.

(Insert question about my sanity here.  I mean, why would I spend so much time on a competition that I’m only sewing along to?  For one, the prompts are inspiring.  For two, the tight deadlines mean that I hustle and get things done.  There are so many great sew alongs with creative themes: The Monthly Stitch, Crafting Con… I’ve tried participating there but I’ve found that, given a whole month, I procrastinate too much and end up not making anything.  PRP doesn’t leave me much time so I get more done. That combination is so precious.  I always have a million ideas floating around in that brain of mind but without the pressure of the deadline, I spend my time making rather than creating.  Creating requires more energy so simply making tends to feel more productive.)

Back to that panicky moment.  So I have nothing to show, no pictures.  But I did want to write because I’ve had a few happy crafting moments this past week.

  1. E wants leg warmers like the ones I made V (you’ll see them next week).  She’ll have to wait a bit but she’ll get some.
  2. I’m getting really close to finding the right settings to make my serger play nice with my machine knits! (Tighten up the looper tensions.)
  3. I drafted a blouse for E and it fits!  I used the sloper from Pattern Making for Kids’ Clothes and made all the modifications. I usually just mess around with a pattern until I get what I want but this one is (almost) all me!

I know it may not seem like much but these three things are giving me the energy to keep going.  That, and E seems excited about what I’m making her despite my not asking her opinion about anything.

And Monday, there will be pictures of something I made!


Creative mommy at home to two wonderful little girls, trying to juggle family, sewing, exercise, family, knitting, photography, and did I mention family?

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4 comments on “No Pictures
  1. Charity says:

    I love Project Run and Play… even when I can’t come up with a single idea for a given theme, looking at what everyone else makes is inspiring! I agree that it helps me create rather than just make though!


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