Project Run and Play – Cosplay Inspired

This week’s challenge is cosplay.  Fun, right?  So many characters to choose from…  But no costumes.  Since I had tons of colorful knit left over from V’s Unikitty costume, I thought I could find one of the ponies from My Little Pony to make something.  Only, you know what?  That’s so like Unikitty. I made that costume so that parts of it could be worn as regular clothes. And then, I thought about the challenge.  “Inspired by the cosplay craze”.  Not inspired by a character.  So I decided to go for a style that you could see in cosplay rather than a character.  Any guesses?


Steampunk.  Inspired only.  I didn’t want to go overboard. And if you want a character, I don’t have one.  But I did think of The Golden Compass quite a bit while creating this look…

When I think of steampunk style, I think of victorian style clothing but with leather and hardware.  Well, that’s the short version at least… I settled on a three piece outfit.

First, a blouse. I tried to give it a vintage look with cream colored voile and a lace bib.  I drafted it from a bodice sloper and I have so much to say about it that I decided to save it for Thursday’s post.  The metal buttons are the added hardware.


Second, a legging. A long skirt in that style wouldn’t have been practical and it would have veered off into costume territory.  Purple stretch velvet, thank you very much.  Horrible to work with but both girls are crazy about the fabric.  I used the basic Dressage leggings as a base and added a little bit of width (2″) to make two pleats. Then, I added metal eyelets to the pleats and laced down the side of the legging.  I was smart enough to add interfacing to my pleats to support the eyelets but apparently, it isn’t enough.  They keep falling off!  I’ll have to add some grosgrain on the underside and redo the eyelets.


And finally, the most important piece.  The Phresh Blazer by Winter Wear Designs in stretch faux leather. The ruffles reminded me of those bustles on the back of late victorian dresses and the puffed sleeve also had the vintage look I was going for.  I made the pattern up as is, skipping the pockets and adding lace trim to the sleeves.


Instead of using fabric for the ruffles, I used velvet ribbon and lace trim that just happened to be roughly the right width.


The ruffle section ended up being a little longer than the pattern piece so I couldn’t actually hem it properly.  Eh, this faux leather doesn’t fray at all.  I manhandled pieces of hit, stretching it this way and that and the edges never budged.  It’s very sticky, unpressable stuff though.  I had to use my teflon foot.  I tried to use my ditch stitching foot for the top stitching but it was just too sticky.  And I couldn’t skip the topstitching.  I couldn’t use heat on the fabric and it would not hold a crease. I topstitched every seam that I could to get them nice and flat. I didn’t even attempt a buttonhole after that!  I used a snap instead. And then, the button.  Do you see?


It’s a compass button! An actual working compass!


So there you have it.  Steampunk inspired outfit and a hit with E.




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31 comments on “Project Run and Play – Cosplay Inspired
  1. amymreinagel says:

    Wow! This is amazing. Well done 🙂


  2. Charity says:

    That is a great outfit! I love the velvet and lace ruffles with the faux leather, and that button is fantastic!


  3. Courtney says:

    I love your take on the theme! Those leggings are spectacular!!


  4. Anonymous says:

    I really like the combination of ribbon, lace, and leather on your jacket. So creative.


  5. This outfit is insane! Possibly one of my favorite children’s outfits of all time. I LOVE the jacket. In fact, I purchased the pattern before I finished reading the post. I have some gold stretch leather that is dying to be this jacket.


  6. skirtfixation says:

    Gorgeous! I love the steampunk clothing movement. That jacket is jaw dropping!


  7. Angela says:

    Beautiful pieces and beautiful styling. She looks fantastic and so happy.


  8. Hennahands says:

    This is so fabulous that I am completely tempted to copy it. Imitation being the highest form of flattery and all. 🙂 I am in awe! Great job. (Hopping over from PR&P)


    • Thank you very much! Copy away! Though if you do the leggings, I highly suggest either using some heavier interfacing than I did (I used the fusible knit stuff) or reinforcing with grosgrain.


  9. Wow! Love the hardware and compass and top stitching.


  10. Bridget says:

    I love every part of this outfit; you did a lovely job! The purple velvet pants really make the outfit “pop!”


  11. paisleyroots says:

    Steampunk is so cool! Love your look!


  12. Rox says:

    I love how your steampunk look came together. I’d love to have an outfit like this for myself!


  13. Jenn says:

    Oooh, wow! So many things I love here! The eyelets and laced up pants! (Laced over a pleat so skin isn’t exposed) the lovely blouse and the truly killer blazer (working compass button?!) All the details are so good. I also like the way you chose a style over a character. Great job working this theme!


  14. […] going to just make the basic version but then I saw that stretch faux leather I’d bought for E’s steampunk look.  I still cut the basic pattern out of stretch cotton jersey but before assembling, I added the […]


  15. […] in purple. Most likely polyester. Easy enough to handle and sew too. I’d bought it to make leggings for E and had tons left afterwards. V loved it and I’d promised myself I would make her something […]


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