Photo Monday – Brooklyn Flea

There was this flea market in Williamsburg that we visited a couple times before moving to Brooklyn.  We only bought something once but I loved it.  The shops were interesting and varied and the food was seriously great.  We wanted to go again today.  Of course, we never checked online so when we got to Williamsburg, there was nothing.  It turns out that it’s now the DUMBO flea market. Actually much better for us! Well, except for the fact that the trains are extremely noisy (it’s right under the Manhattan bridge overpass).

We had lunch there and I was all set to instagram my lunch.  A ramen burger.  Definitely worth a picture.  Only I was hungry and ate before I could remember to take a picture…  And then we had People’s Pops for dessert.  E and I got blackberry-cherry (lovely tart flavor) and M and V got the blueberry vanilla (couldn’t taste the vanilla but the blueberry flavor was amazing and there were some blueberry pieces in there as well).

After that, I had some fun taking pictures of some of the items in the shops.






There was this one lamp that I loved but I just couldn’t do it justice.  The base was a colorful rooster and the lamp shade was cream lace.  It was a sight to behold! Maybe it’ll stick around and I can get a decent shot of it some other day…

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3 comments on “Photo Monday – Brooklyn Flea
  1. Matt Korinek says:

    Looks like a fun day. Nice set!


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