Raglan Tunic – Mini Dress

I know I’m not the only one to stare at my closet and feel I have nothing to wear, right? In my case, I know the issue is that I have a bunch of stuff I don’t enjoy.  Chalk it up to bad buys and not quite right makes.  The only reason I haven’t gotten rid of those items is that I wouldn’t have enough for a week.  So I’ve been trying to make items that fill a need and that I will enjoy.  Hopefully, this will be one of them.


The pattern is Jalie 3245.  It’s a raglan top or tunic.  Instructions and drafting just as I’ve come to expect from Jalie. I made the tunic length because I planned on wearing it with leggings.  It’s a little long though.  E looked at me and said it looked like a too short dress.


I used the same rayon jersey as for my dress but in the blueish grey color. It’s very clingy.  Looking at the pictures, it feels like a smoothing camisole wouldn’t do any harm… But I chose it because I wanted lots of drape.  For the sleeves, I used leftover stretch lace from that vintage-y blouse I made for a PRP challenge. I was hoping the combination of lace and drape would make the plain old baseball tee look a little dressier.  But still casual.


It’s a little too long, isn’t it? (Or, alternately, too short for a dress…)  The day of the pictures, I tried to keep it a little bunched up at the waist to both make it shorter and less clingy.  I think I’m going to add drawstrings to the sides so that I can shorten it exactly how I want. And then, maybe I’ll be one garment closer to a closet full of items I actually want to wear!

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2 comments on “Raglan Tunic – Mini Dress
  1. Charity says:

    I love the lace sleeves! Very pretty! I agree, it seems a bit too long for a tunic/ too short for a dress. I like the idea of drawstrings at the sides.


    • Thank you! I will be doing the drawstring. Just as soon as I finish the other million projects I’m working on… (Seriously though, I see the drawstring getting done sooner rather than later.)


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