KCW: Dress 1 Done!

Kids Clothes Week is on so I decided to take a break from sewing for myself and make some completely unnecessary clothes for the girls.  First up, V requested a dress with a low back.  I’ve seen a few patterns with scoop backs come out lately but I ended up going with a pattern I already had: the Matinée by Jennuine Design. The scoop is nice and low but there’s that strap to keep everything neatly in place. I asked V what she thought and she approved.  I thought her other one might be getting small but it still fits! Still, I went up to a size 4 and she has room to grow.


I hunted through my stash to find some good fabric and found this bird print.  I’d used it on a Matinée peplum top for E and it still fits her.


Still fits! In fact, it fits better now…

The girls love wearing matching outfits but E prefers leggings and V likes dresses.  I thought this dress would allow for coordinating outfits.  Of course, V complained that they weren’t perfectly matchy.  Not only is one a dress and the other a top, but I also skipped the piping on the dress and used buttons in different colors(but same design).



The buttons are different colors! I pointed out that the big green button here matches the small green buttons on the dress but that’s not good enough, apparently…

I had to be careful, but I managed to get the whole dress in the birdie fabric.  I couldn’t do a full length skirt so I used the hem band options.  Bonus: no hemming! The bodice and sleeves are lined in plain white cotton.


It’s been a while since I’ve sewn up a Jennuine Design pattern and I have to say they’re a pleasure to work with. Instructions are clear but not too wordy and I’ve never had any issues with the drafting.  And the dress construction makes sense.  Amazingly enough, not all patterns have great instructions.  I’m no pattern maker so I have a hard time commenting on technical aspects and by no means am I an advanced seamstress but I can see when the suggested construction is less than optimal… I’m working on a pattern like that right now and will tell you more about it when I’m done.  In the meantime, I’m enjoying watching a sunny little girl play ballerina in her new dress.


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2 comments on “KCW: Dress 1 Done!
  1. Charity says:

    That is so cute! I love how the hem band ties the dress together. Also, I love the ribbons on V’s braids-darling!


    • Thank you! The ribbons are just tied on to the elastic. V had found the fat pink one and wanted it in her hair. It was too short to use as is so I tied it around the elastic. And then the girls raided my ribbon collection to make more!


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