Photo Monday – Around the Trees

About a month ago, I had pictures of flowers growing that someone had planted around a tree. I said I was saving them for when I would have gotten more pictures of what people have done.  I finally got some!  Funny coincidence: that post was written on the day there was a street fair on 5th Ave.  This one was written on the day of the 7th Avenue street fair. This time though, I was smart enough not to try to take my camera to the fair.  These pictures were taken on the quieter streets.

Most trees get the metal mini fence treatment, sometimes with flowers or some sort of green plant.



(Oh, I think the trees in front of one grocery store have vegetables growing but I’m not sure. I’ll stalk that spot and report back.)

And then, there are the more unique ones like this little brick and wood fence.


(Getting a good shot of that one was hard!)

This white mini picket fence was falling down all over the greenery planted around the tree but it was still charming.


There was one that I loved that just didn’t photograph well. It’s just stones set in the ground but they have these blue, green, and clear glass stone set in them. They sparkle in the sunlight.

And then, sometimes, the tree has to be cut down and the space ends up empty.  These fill up with loads of flowers.


I should also get a picture of trees that have outgrown their spot. You can tell by the shape of the roots. They end up in a rectangular shape! Almost all the ones I’ve seen like this have been given more space (as in, some of the sidewalk has been removed to give them more space.) I know I’ve said it before but seeing so many people care for the trees makes me so happy.

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2 comments on “Photo Monday – Around the Trees
  1. Charity says:

    I love the way the leaves are peeking out around the little fences!


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