A Top for the Bunny Leggings

When I made the animal leggings for the girls, E got a matching top. I felt like I should make one for V too. I had plenty of Liberty of London left over from her dress and some orchid stretch jersey. I had something in mind but it took me a long time to nail down the details.  I knew I wanted something pretty streamlined, not too much gathering, not too ruffled.  At first, I was sure I would use my old standby Jalie 2805.  It’s such a great basis for anything I want to create.  But.  I’d made a 3352 (the dolman tops) just before.  (I still haven’t photographed it.) It fit so well and had the overall easy shape I was looking for.  A few mods and here’s what I got!


So what are the mods? I cut the front and binding in jersey according to the pattern.  For the back, I cut the pattern just below the sleeves.  The top part was made in the jersey.  I added a bit of width to the bottom part (about 3″ total) using the slash and spread method in three spots.  Finally, I drafted a front overlay, meant to juuuust meet in the middle.


I had to change the construction order to make it work.  I hemmed all the pieces first. Just 1/4″.  The front jersey piece got its 5/8″ hem as directed in the pattern.  Then, I constructed the back.  I stretched the jersey to fit the woven part.  It’s not my favorite method because I find it makes the jersey part flare.  I prefer to use clear elastic to gather my woven piece before attaching it to the jersey.  The seam stays stretchy but without the jersey flaring.  But I was feeling lazy…


I basted the overlay to the back before going any further.  I wanted the woven parts to be perfectly aligned.  Then, shoulders, neckline binding, side seams, and sleeve hems according to the pattern. Done!


As drafted, the top of the front overlays should create a straight line across the front when attached.  I wasn’t a huge fan of that so when V put the top on and the overlay fell a little lower, flaring out the sides a little, I was happy.  Exactly what I was going for!


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2 comments on “A Top for the Bunny Leggings
  1. Charity says:

    That is a fun idea! I like the combination of woven and knit!


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