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I have had the hardest time getting started on anything since getting back.  So many things on the to do list and feeling overwhelmed.  Possibly because I need to adjust to the heat again.  Or something.  Whatever, I’ll get there.  In the meantime, here’s a dress I made right before leaving.  I actually wore it on the plane, walking in the city, and hiking (with leggings for the hiking and cooler weather).


The pattern is the Colette Laurel.  It’s your basic shift with bust darts and back darts to give a bit of shape. I made a size 10.  I’m between sizes 10 and 12 and after taking a look at the ease, I went with the smaller size.  And… I had no modifications to make!  Except the sleeves.  They were a little tight in the lower portion but I wanted them shorter than the pattern anyway so I chopped the tight part off.  The fabric is Nani Iro double gauze.  It’s soft, easy to sew and press, and pretty but it does wrinkle fast. Those dark stripes were a bit of a beast. They’re not quite perpendicular to the selvage but close enough to look like they are. For the longest time, I was sure my fabric had shifted or something and that I’d cut it seriously off grain. I don’t think so though. The dress doesn’t do anything odd when I wear it…


This fit is different for me.  I usually like a more fit and flare style. For this one, I wanted something loose and easy to wear.  I had to resist the urge to remove some of the ease at the waist and hips.  As it is, with almost no contact on my skin, it really is comfortable in the heat.


I have to admit I’m still debating adding darts to the front kind of like the back ones. I feel like the fabric bags out in front a little or something.  Or I might not.


I realize this makes it sound like I don’t like the dress but I know it’s going to get a lot of wear this summer all the way into fall.  I’m thinking of making a second one in a light corduroy for fall and winter (with the longer sleeves).  The Laurel is such a quick and easy sew and the fit is already just right for me. Plus, it’s a great canvas for trying different treatments.  If I hadn’t already bought a whole bunch of fabric in the UK, I would already be shopping for that corduroy! (Speaking of which, I’ll be sharing that fabric on Instagram as soon as possible. Spoiler: I have some real Harris tweed, some beautiful ikat and japanese fabrics from Cloth House, and some Liberty of London that was just a last minute splurge because it was on sale.)

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3 comments on “From Before
  1. Charity says:

    That looks really comfortable! I still haven’t tried any double gauze… I must be one of the few seamstresses who haven’t at this point! 😉


  2. […] and made two small neck darts. There was also way too much looseness in the back. I got out the Laurel I made ages ago. It’s a similar shape. I copied the Laurel’s back darts onto this […]


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