Photo Monday – MoMA PS1 Textures

I’ve been wanting to check out MoMA PS1 for a long time.  Last Friday, I went.  E had gone while she was at textile camp. When I talked to her on the phone before going, I could almost hear her making a face.  She wasn’t a fan of that one and told me she felt it was more for parents than kids.  Just as well that I’m a parent then…

And yeah, I saw her point.  MoMA PS1 is about experimental art, the kind that I don’t always usually quite get.  I missed out on one of the exhibitions that E saw but I got to see the other one she visited: Rodney McMillian Landscape Paintings. Reading the description of it, I don’t think I got from it what I was “supposed” to get.  I just loved looking at the texture of the paint on the sheets.  The swirls the colors created as they mixed, the wrinkles in the paint as it was moved around while it was drying…


Since I was there, I visited the whole museum.  Lots of videos that left me tilting my head.  And then another exhibition where I loved the textures.


Mostly though, I loved the museum itself.  The building is an old school and has lots of big windows and staircases.


It was at the bottom of one of the staircases that I first happened on these walls.


They’ve been covered with multiple layers of paint and it’s all chipped and falling off (crossing my fingers that it’s lead free).  It’s just the coolest texture!



So umm, MoMA PS1, only for those of you who like the more experimental arts, okay?

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2 comments on “Photo Monday – MoMA PS1 Textures
  1. Charity says:

    I don’t usually ‘get’ experimental art either. Those textures are fascinating though!


    • Experimental art always has these great sounding descriptions and then I look at it and just can’t see it! At least the painted sheets were visually interesting to look at but some of the videos I saw… I described them to my husband and he did not appreciate it so I will spare you!


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