Done-ish Two Ways

I find it so annoying when I’m working on a bunch of things I can’t show! I tried to take pictures of everything. The cat dishcloths I finished a couple weeks ago (you can see the terrible pictures here). The sweater I just cast on (it looks like nothing right now).  The dress for V.  The planned jackets for the girls… I suppose it’s having them at home these past two days. They’ve been wanting my attention and require all my energy. (They go back to school today.  Feels like they’re the last in the continent to go back.)

So this is all I have.

The first “done-ish”.  Twisted Tulip socks.  I started them during our trip to Scotland but couldn’t get into the knitting groove with them.  I tried again when we drove to pick up the girls at my parents.  Hours on the road and I got 3 rounds done.  It’s a lovely pattern but I’m just not getting into it.  I was telling M that I would have a serious case of second sock syndrome with this one and then I realized I was actually dealing with a case of first sock syndrome, i.e. a pretty good clue that I should just cut my losses and quit.  Find something else for the yarn.


The second “done-ish”.  Much more encouraging. I’ve had this beautiful blue prefelted fabric for a couple years.  All it needed was some extra wool and felting.  I cut it in two because it was too large for my bubble wrap as is.


I used merino roving, bamboo roving and yellow pencil roving on the bottom one.  The top one got a bit of merino roving and some silk hankies in gorgeous sunset colors.  I adore these! I’m going to make something for E with the bottom one and something for V with the top one.  I can’t wait!  And hopefully, soon, I’ll have more to share…

Creative mommy at home to two wonderful little girls, trying to juggle family, sewing, exercise, family, knitting, photography, and did I mention family?

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3 comments on “Done-ish Two Ways
  1. Charity says:

    Oh, that felted fabric has such a great texture! What kind of garments are you thinking of using it for?
    Most of my knitting projects have gone the way of those socks… I’ve abandoned more projects than I’ve finished! I think most of the things I’ve started have been either too repetitive or more complex than I’m ready for.


    • One of them will be used for a jacket for E. I don’t have enough for the whole jacket so it’ll just be accents. I think it would work pretty well for a structured dress or skirt too. It has a LOT of body so it could hold the shape of an A-line really well. The other one will be used for V but I haven’t decided what I’ll make yet.


  2. […] style but there was nothing I wanted to make right then.  What I really wanted to do was use the blue-green felt I had made about a month earlier.  And you know what? That counts as fabric I created just as much […]


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