Pattern Testing – Divided Dress

I actually teased this pattern on Monday…  The dress that V is wearing in the pictures? It was my tester version of Jennuine Design’s new Divided dress!



It’s been a long time since I tested a girls’ pattern, isn’t it?  I used to answer a bunch of tester calls.  And then, I realized that I wasn’t leaving myself time for the ideas bubbling in my own head. I was using my time and fabric to make things I knew the girls wouldn’t wear.  So I started thinking it through a bit more.  I decided to apply only if I liked the design, thought one of my girls would wear it, had the right fabric for it on hand, and had the time to do a good job without compromising my other projects.  Tall order.  I saw a few tester calls go by that I did want to apply to but the time issue often stopped me.



This one though.  It’s a fun design with lots of opportunities for fun fabric mixing.  It comes with two main options: a divided bodice that has raglan inspired color blocking on the front and a shawl collar bodice (I made that one).  Dress can be made with long or short sleeves or sleeveless. It’s fitted through the bodice with an A-line skirt and curved pockets.  Long sleeves are properly long and slightly fitted.  And it’s made with knits so it’s great for active kids. This dress had V’s name all over it.


And I was right!  I didn’t ask her what fabric she wanted because I knew I wanted to pair that flowered fabric (Art Gallery) with black stretch cotton jersey (Kaufman Laguna Stretch).  The orchid purple of the shawl collar was the closest match to the flowers (also Kaufman Laguna Stretch).


As always, Jen works very hard on her patterns.  Squared corners, attention to fit, layered pdf…  She isn’t one of those designers who basically use their testers for marketing purposes.  She’s there to make sure her product is good for all sizes. If the release date needs to be pushed back, it’s pushed back.  I would rank her patterns right up there with Oliver + S for quality (and if you know my love of Oliver + S, you know what a compliment this is!)

Speaking of Oliver + S, if you have the Building Block Dress book, I think the Divided Dress is a great canvas to apply the book’s information to.  And it’s only 5$ right now!


And I’ll be posting about another Jennuine Design dress soon…

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5 comments on “Pattern Testing – Divided Dress
  1. Charity says:

    That is really cute! I’ve been the same way with pattern testing… but if I do sign up I almost never get chosen anyway, so I don’t think I ended up testing anything this year! I’ve been wondering about Jennuine Design patterns for a while now, but none of the designs have really called my name… it’s good to hear that they are well-made!


  2. […] the Divided Dress I tested? During that test, the idea of a simpler, less expensive version came up, the United […]


  3. Bridget says:

    What a pretty dress! It looks like your daughter really likes it, too. 🙂


  4. skirtfixation says:

    Such a darling dress! And the photo shoot location is heavenly too!!


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