Handspun Unleaving Scarf

I’ve been trying to use up some of my yarn stash. It’s verrry slow going.  My handspun yarns are a special challenge.  I want patterns that will use up very last inch, especially when I love the yarn as much as I loved this one, that reminded me of Monet water lilies.


It took me forever to settle on this pattern, Unleaving. The garter stitch works wonderfully with the rustic aspect of my handspun.



And the lace border just goes with impressionism. I know that sounds weird.  They just go together in my head.  Shut up, I’m not that weird.



The other neat thing with the pattern is that it’s easy to make bigger and longer. I weighed my yarn and kept going with the increases until I’d knit a little less than half that weight.


My yarn is a little thick and thin so I wanted to be sure I had enough. And I ended up with tons left over! I’ll have to find something else to make… Maybe I’ll use it for embroidery or weaving.


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4 comments on “Handspun Unleaving Scarf
  1. Autumn says:

    This is gorgeous!


  2. Charity says:

    That is beautiful! The texture is amazing, and I totally get how the lace border goes with impressionism… I can’t explain it either, it just does.


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