She Needed a Hat

Or not because her dad bought her a cute one. But I wanted to knit one with matching mittens (nope, not knit yet) and I had this pretty blue Cascade yarn. And I’ve been wanting to knit the Side Slip Cloche from Boutique Knits. It isn’t a style that works well on me but it’s perfect for E.


Isn’t she cute?


Now, the pattern. I had some issues with it. For one thing, it only slouches on the ruffle side but none of the photos or the schematics show that (the description does but the pictures disagree). Then, the instructions for sewing up the band were confusing. I managed to get it right after looking at the projects on Ravelry. When you pick up stitches around the band for the body of the hat, it doesn’t say where to start. I started at the back but then realized the increases weren’t going all they way around and that they were supposed to be centered on the ruffle.


Other than those issues, it went well. If I were to redo it, I would use a larger needle for the body of the hat.  As it is, it’s knit quite tightly which is fine for the band but doesn’t help the slouch. I tried to encourage the slouch when I blocked it but it didn’t do much. I would also make the band a teeny bit shorter. It was the right length until I understood how to seam the band and realized it made it a little longer.  It does work without slipping down and it fits on my head so it’ll be fine when her head grows another inch.



E’s been wearing it whenever it’s cold out so I’m going to call it a success despite my ambivalence. Now, I just need to figure out mittens…


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2 comments on “She Needed a Hat
  1. Charity says:

    She is cute! And so is the hat… I love the color!


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