Liberty Garden Party

Remember the green top I made for V during PRP? When I looking for a pattern, I happened onto the Oliver + S Garden Party Dress. I’ve always loved that pattern and V loved it as soon as she saw it too. I bought it but sadly couldn’t use it. Not enough green fabric. Since I’d printed out the pattern already, I figured I may as well use it before V outgrew the size I’d cut out.


I had planned on using some cotton eyelet I dyed purple last year. Thought it might be nice for Spring (i.e. it’s a total Easter egg color). And I had a lot of it so maybe I could make E something as well. It felt too thick though. Maybe it would work but I wanted something lighter for all those gathers. I hunted through my stash and found some lovely Liberty lawn. Just enough of it too! I used it last year to make E a cute swingy top. I even had enough of the navy blue eyelet for the accents.



I only made one modification and a minor one at that. I used the scalloped edge of the fabric at the top there. Basically, I just placed the pattern piece right on the edge and cut there. Then I skipped pressing the edge under before topstitching. Nothing to it, really.


Other than that, eh, there isn’t much to say. As usual, Oliver + S patterns are perfectly drafted and the instructions are clear. There’s a reason I keep turning to them. Even as a beginner, I always get perfect results.


I still have some of both fabrics and I wanted to make E a bottom to coordinate with her top. It got complicated so it never happened. I’ll get there. I’m trying really hard to reduce the amount of fabric I have and some of that is finishing up leftovers. Little projects like that help a lot there. (Just don’t look at the 6 yards of ponte I just bought from Mood. In my defense, it’s St James ponte and I could NOT pass it up.)


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2 comments on “Liberty Garden Party
  1. Charity says:

    That is so sweet! I like the scallop modification, and that button is beautiful!


    • Thank you! I really wanted to use the scalloped edge. When I have such a pretty edge on my fabric, it feels like a waste not to use it, you know? The button is from Knitpicks. They don’t carry them anymore but it was a set of coordinating but all different buttons. I love them all but I’ve found it so hard to find projects where they work. I was so happy to finally be able to use one!


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