Bunny Skirt

I tend to keep my precious fabrics uncut for way too long. Almost everyone does that, right? Everyone is afraid of messing up that special fabric. I’ve been trying to get over that fear and use my favorite fabrics. I refuse to rush and I’m willing to wait for the perfect project but I will use my favorites.


This one is from Cloth House in London (along with the red ikat that I used for a shirtdress). I don’t know if it’s imported from Japan but it has a lovely japanese-ish painterly rabbit print. And the base fabric itself, cotton, I believe, has a really interesting texture. (You’ll be able to see it in the pocket picture.) It’s rather structured fabric, i.e. little to no drape and it wanted to be a full skirt with as few seams as possible. I would have loved to do some sort of pleated circle skirt but I had no where near enough fabric for that.

I had no desire to draft my own skirt so I scoured my pattern stash and books. I found a half circle skirt pattern in the Gertie Sews Vintage Casual book. The book is in a box somewhere so I’m not sure what size I made. I was between two sizes and chose the bigger one based on finished measurements. I think it was 4 panels, waist facing rather than waistband, and a zipper. I wanted to add pockets so I put the zipper in the back and cut the front on the fold.


For the pockets, I drew a pocket bag that matched the top side corner, deep enough for my hands, and cut out two pairs. Then, I just drew a stitching line across the corner of two pockets. Sewed one piece to each corner of the skirt front along that line and then completed the pocket. I know, I’m being clear as mud. Here’s a picture of the finished pocket.


Does that help? It looks more complex than it is…

When I finished the skirt and tried it on, it was a little bit loose. I’d already planned on making it so that it would be easy to take it in (pockets aren’t inseam, which helps) but I added belt loops to help me cinch it in a little. So I made belt loops! There are 6 of them. One on either side of the zipper in the back, one just behind each side seam (can’t have it right on it), and two in front just outside the pockets.


And there’s a skirt! If I’d had more fabric, it would have been more full but I do like how the half circle can blow in the wind without flashing my underwear.


PS: Not holding my hat for style. It was windy!

PS2: Should have gotten some closer up pictures. My photographer was feeling the heat so I didn’t push him…

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9 comments on “Bunny Skirt
  1. Karen says:

    That skirt is a very flattering style and I love the fabric. I must try sewing for myself. Always afraid to do it. But you are inspiring me.


  2. Lori B. says:

    Love the skirt! Great fabric. It looks terrific on you, Raphaelle.


  3. It looks lovely! The fabric is gorgeous.


  4. Charity says:

    That fabric has such a great texture! I love half-circle skirts… circle skirts are more fun but I like the way half-circle skirts look on me better. Pockets are always a good addition!


  5. […] year, I made a half circle skirt out of some pretty fabric. It’s too big now. I’ll have to see if I can take it in […]


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