Finished Handspun

I think this was my fastest spinning ever. I guess that’s what happens when you can’t sew, right? I only took a break to weave in the millions of ends on a knitting project. I know I had the whole thing finished in a month. Except for washing the finished yarn. I only got that done this week.


The thing that sucks is that I couldn’t find any weights to hang at the bottom so it’s still a little curly.

In case you have no desire to go back to the first post about this yarn, it’s falklands wool from Wild Hare Fiber Studio.


That first half, I got lucky and the spools of singles were roughly the same length. On the second half, there was quite a bit more of one spool. So when I reached the end of one, I unrolled the second one to ply it on itself. That was such a mess! It worked but would have gone much better if I’d taken the time to make a center pull ball. Lesson learned. Maybe.


Requisite picture with a dime.


Also a picture with a strand of lace weight (purple) and a strand of light fingering weight (pink). My yarn isn’t the same weight all over but comparing it to these two yarns makes me think it’s goes from something like a very heavy lace weight to just about a light fingering weight. I have absolutely no clue how much there is but I’m still dreaming of combining it with some other yarn to make a colorwork sweater, maybe just on the yoke. And I keep thinking navy but I’m afraid the darker colors won’t pop against the navy. Maybe light grey? How might that look?


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3 comments on “Finished Handspun
  1. Charity says:

    I think this would look fantastic with a light grey! It’s interesting to see the change in saturation from the wool to the yarn. Such pretty colors!


    • I think you’re right about the light grey. It will provide enough contrast with all the colors. I did see another color in a shop that might look good: oxblood, a deep brownish red. It’s a more daring color combination than light grey and I’m completely unsure about it but it looked so pretty against my handspun in the store. If I have to order online, light grey will be the best choice since it doesn’t have to be the exact right shade. If I can find the right kind of yarn in person, then that deep red might be the best choice. So hard to figure out!


  2. […] up, just some yarn I dyed. I made this handspun last year and I really wanted to use it in a sweater. I looked for a color I liked in a matching […]


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