Photo Monday – Neighborhood

We were away from Park Slope this Summer and it’s been a pleasure to come back. The girls are back in school and loving their new teachers. We still don’t have a kitchen and my sewing is still packed up. But I’m back in my neighborhood. Walking V to school, I noticed the flowers and greenery everywhere and how they spilled out from behind metal ironwork fences.  How, if left alone, nature will take over. Like a tree growing into a fence. Or the way the forrest near my parents’ house is always creeping onto the paved road. So Friday, I set out to get pictures of the plants and fences. I usually don’t have an exact idea of what I’m going to be photographing but this time, I knew.



All of these were taken on 3rd Street. It’s a large one with a bicycle path and wide sidewalks. Like most streets around here, there are mature trees everywhere. It’s a lovely walk. I think I could find enough pretty details for a month’s worth of posts. In fact, three of these were taken on a one block stretch, on only one side!




I’d really like to figure out good stoop shots though. There’s an Instagram account that has great ones. It’s called stoopsofbrooklyn. I thought the wide angle lens would be just the ticket but it still isn’t quite right. Maybe I just need more practice. Anybody have any suggestions for me? How do you get good images of architecture?

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2 comments on “Photo Monday – Neighborhood
  1. Charity says:

    Plant life always seems to find a place to grow! I love the third photo!


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