Knitting For Me!

I finished these in August but it took me until last weekend to get pictures. It’s been so hot out until recently that I felt a little silly posing in a wooly hat and mitts. Of course, I forgot all the details shots. I’ve tried to crop the pictures to show of the stitch pattern. I guess you could always check out the Ravelry pattern pages for details…

This was the second yarn and pattern kit in the Ysolda Teague club, the first being this shawl. The yarn is from Ireland and is called S Twist Mixed Fleece Sock Weight. I think it might be dyed with local flora but I’ve lost the postcard that came with the kit so don’t quote me. The patterns are the Aherlow Hat and the Aherlow Mitts.

I made a large for the hat and it’s loose enough for when I have a ponytail. Also hoping it won’t make me too hot. Except when it’s really super cold like it never gets in New York City, Winter hats are just too warm for me. I get sweaty and uncomfortable. And itchy. I usually prefer a hood or a big scarf or hood that I can get up to protect my ears.  Anyway, I’m hoping that having a looser hat will allow for better ventilation.


I knit the smaller size for the mitts. I really like the long ribbing at the top. It almost covers my fingers so should be useful for when I need my fingers accessible but want to keep them warm.


If you compare my hat and mitts with the ones from the pattern pages, you’ll notice that I screwed up the colors a little. I didn’t have access to a picture of the finished project when I started and got confused as to which of the yellow-green shades was light green and dark green. One of them looked like a very muted light yellow and the other a bright yellow to me. No green. Neither seemed dark. I picked wrong and didn’t switch it. I was afraid it would bother me but it turns out it doesn’t at all. I’d even forgotten about it by the time we took the pictures and only remembered when writing this!


Now, I just need to make myself a matching cowl or something.

PS: Please forgive the stupid poses. It’s hard to look natural while trying to show off mitts and a hat in the same frame…

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5 comments on “Knitting For Me!
  1. Tracy King says:

    All I can say is wow! I started crocheting in the last few years but haven’t mastered k it ting yet. They are really gorgeous 🙂


    • Oh, thank you! I’m the opposite. I’ve been knitting for years and my brain gets it. Crochet, I struggle with. I can sort of follow the instructions though I’m always wondering if I’m putting my hook in the right V. And I can’t read my crochet at all!


  2. Charity says:

    Those turned out beautifully! I like the idea of a slightly-larger hat for ventilation purposes. I wouldn’t have noticed that the yellow-greens were switched- it works perfectly the way it is.


  3. […] last project from the 2017 Ysolda club. The first one was this shawl and the second one was this hat and mitts set. The third is missing only because I haven’t taken any pictures of it yet. I actually […]


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