Photo Monday – In the Kitchen

The girls and M had a race Saturday morning. We were running late so I left my camera behind. Little did I know that Saturday would be the only lovely day. So yesterday, when I was bummed about the clouds, M suggested I take pictures of the cookies he was going to bake with the girls. I’ve discovered that I don’t actually like to do food photography so I figured I’d just take pictures of the bakers. And now, I remember I don’t enjoy that either. I love doing portraits of the girls, inside and out, and I enjoy taking action shots outside. These are inside action shots. The lighting isn’t good enough for fast shutter speeds and the background always ends up messy. Add in the fact that we are still dealing with construction and you get a frustrated photographer.


We’re just going to call this blurriness artistic, okay? (Below, not above.)


Going with black and white hides a multitude of sins. Like the bright yellow on the brown sugar bag and the fact that the wall behind V isn’t finished (it’s going to be all reclaimed wood but the bottom part isn’t done).



This is what the reclaimed wood will look like. Except it’s in color in real life. (Duh.)


And this is the tile. It makes a gorgeous pattern. It’s matte off white and black. I love it and it will make an awesome backdrop if the construction ever finishes…


(The workers have actually been really respectful. It may be silly but I appreciate the way they put the toilet seat down exactly like I do when they use the bathroom.)

Creative mommy at home to two wonderful little girls, trying to juggle family, sewing, exercise, family, knitting, photography, and did I mention family?

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