Photo Monday – Before the Snow

I was all set to talk about how we’d had a couple windy days and almost all the leaves have fallen. And I would have talked about how there are fewer evergreen trees here than in Montreal. V would say coniferous. (They had a whole tree study in kindergarten. Hearing these small children talk about the properties of coniferous and deciduous trees was adorable.) But between the time I took these pictures and today, it snowed and I didn’t have time to go see it in the park. Snow never lasts long here. So these are from before the snow.


It was a beautiful sunny day and I was most definitely not going to miss out on that like I did last week.


If there’s any advantage to that low Winter sun and those short days, it’s that the sunlight is rarely harsh. It always hits at an angle. (I can just hear some people thinking, yes, thinking, that they’ll take that bad for photography sunlight, thank you very much.)



There was a slight wind rippling the water and the leaves, not a lot of people.




It was lovely and I truly love all the images I took. They make me happy.


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2 comments on “Photo Monday – Before the Snow
  1. Charity says:

    Oh, these are gorgeous! And so evocative… I really love the second and third photos!


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