Photo Monday – New Toy

I get some photography gift nearly every year, don’t I? This year, I really wanted a ring flash for macro photography. I asked for a non Canon one that had good reviews. It was something like 1/5 of the price of the Canon! My parents gave it to me and I finally tried it out this weekend. I just needed a subject.

That subject ended up being V’s new toy. She really wanted a crystal growing experiment kit but it was 10 years old and up (she’s 6 and her reading/writing aren’t advanced enough yet) so we agreed to just get her a small crystal growing kit for her stocking. We did it right away and it was done.


(Of course, a hair from one if us had to make its way into the container without my knowledge…)

I tried a few pictures without flash for comparison but they were just too blurry. I set up the flash and used it without changing anything. I need to read the instructions and learn about flash photography. This is a very cool flash that sits around the end of the lens. Macro photography has you get very close to an object so that, even if you have great light, you end up blocking most of it.


But look at the light! I can’t wait to learn more. Maybe get an extension tube so that I can get even closer. I want even more magnified pictures of these crystals!


PS: V has always said she wanted to be a gymnastics coach and an engineer. And the only reason she wants to be an engineer is because her sister wants to be one. When I told her that there’s a kind of scientist who studies crystals and rocks, she got all excited. So now, she’s going to be a geologist. And a gymnastics coach.


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4 comments on “Photo Monday – New Toy
  1. Tracy says:

    Great photos! I really need to learn more about my camera 🙂


    • Thank you! I find my major obstacle is laziness. I need to read up on my camera and flash functions, I need to practice, and I need to take the time to set up the tripod. I just want to get clicking and hate taking the time to set up.


  2. Charity says:

    Ooh, those are so pretty! And what a fun new toy! I’d heard of ring flashes before, but only in the context of portrait photography- they make perfect sense for macro photography!


    • Thank you! I never ever use flash so I have a lot to learn. I’d never heard of the ring flash for portraits, only for macro, but I’m so happy to find out it’s good for that too. Portraits are something else I’m trying to improve.


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