Project Run & Play – The 7 Wonders of the World

Project Run & Play has started! This week, we had to pick one of the 7 wonders of the world, ancient or modern, to create an outfit. I chose the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Or rather, they chose me. Just that name! Can’t you just picture flowers and plants cascading all around you as you walk around? And whether that’s an accurate image or not, we’ll never know. They’re believed to have been somewhere in Iraq but no ruins have ever been found. Some even think they may be mythical, all the more reason to let my imagination run wild, no?


And let my imagination run wild I did. I wanted brightly colored flowers and lots of green. I wanted to include greek inspired cuts and fabrics, something to call back to those ancient times. I started with the top. I had an old silk dress of mine that was saving to make E something. It looks like it might be charmeuse and has a glorious large flower print.


I originally was going to make a something with gathered rectangles. Think greek goddess here. I didn’t have quite enough fabric though so I couldn’t do any gathering but I stayed with the idea of creating a design from rectangles, which is how so many clothes were made back then. The sleeves have a split on the arm and I added a single button and thread loop at the front. I didn’t want to see the wrong side of the fabric when the cardigan was open so I made a black silk charmeuse facing.



I used french seams throughout and used binding on raw edges (sleeves and facing, mainly). I have no clue what that binding is made of but it had a shine that matched the silk.

Of course, if you’re going to wear a cardigan, you need something underneath. I just wanted a simple tank top. This piece wasn’t meant to be the star of the show, you know? I used Jalie 2565 as a base and modified the hem to a shirttail. I found these great lace flowers and sewed them to the neckline. One of the appliqués has flowers at both ends so there isn’t a right way but the the smaller one is a flower on a stem. I sewed it on with the flower pointing down. Because it’s hanging.




For the bottom, I had to make green linen pants. Linen was commonly used back then and it’s so comfortable in the heat! I used the pant block from Pattern Making for Kids’ Clothes and modified to make those wide legged linen trousers I love so much in the warmer months. I made them with a flat front and elastic back. Seams are flat felled, except for the outer leg. There, I just sewed with wrong sides together and covered the seam allowances with green and gold ribbon. I originally wanted a greek key pattern but this one felt more fitting for Babylon. I embroidered some tropical leaves on the pants, three at the upper left leg and one at the lower right leg. The smaller the leaf, the lighter the thread I used.



And now, what did E think of it all? She’s in love with the cardigan and can’t wait to wear it to school (I thank my lucky stars that I prewashed the silk in the machine). The tank top will definitely get some wear too. She’s telling me the linen is a little itchy but I fully expect it to soften up in the wash. I’ve told her to trust me on this one and that she will grow to love this style…


Please take the time to visit Project Run & Play and vote your favorite outfit!

PS: Pictures were taken at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.



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20 comments on “Project Run & Play – The 7 Wonders of the World
  1. Lindsay says:

    I love the trim and embroidery on those pants!!! Great job!


  2. tampete77 says:

    I love this look and would totally wear it myself! I’m trying to get my girls on board the wide leg pant trend too and hope it won’t be long until they love it as much as I do! You picked the perfect location for your shoot and it all turned out so, so good!


    • Thank you! And yeah, I’m trying to get the wide leg pant going too. I’m sick of seeing both of them in leggings all the time. I mean, I get it. Leggings are super comfortable and great for moving around but still… Switch it up!


  3. mamidesofiona says:

    The jacket and top are my favourite from your pieces. I would have done the hanging gardens too! I’m not able to do the sew along this time, which really bothers me, but I do have this idea in my head…. I’ll probably make it sometime anyway! Good luck!


    • You can’t sew because it’s a rule as an advisor? Or because you won last season? Or just because you’re too busy? I love seeing your creations!


      • mamidesofiona says:

        Oh, it’s just about being too busy! I would love to add to the sew along crowd, but I needed to make some decisions around here about my time and how I use it. 😏


  4. I love all your bold colors! It really is interesting how different our looks turned out inspired


  5. ajaire says:

    All of those details!! I love that you thought about the fabrics and shapes they would have used in ancient times. So smart! Those embroidery and lace details make this outfit extra special.


  6. Deborah says:

    Your design was very thoughtful. To make a jacket out of all rectangles was amazing. I’m going to have to check out that t-shirt pattern. My granddaughter would like that design.


    • Thank you! Clothes that are made from rectangles fascinate me. Maybe because when you make your own fabric, you end up with rectangles (most of the time). So designs made up of rectangles allow you to use more of your fabric, you know?


  7. Charity says:

    What a great interpretation! I love that tank, and the embroidery on the pants. The split sleeves on the cardigan are a great detail!


  8. Courtney says:

    Love the split sleeves and beautiful colors!


  9. I feel my favourite part of PR&P is the DETAIL that happens in these outfits. I adore that cardigan so much, the fabric just has me so 😍😍 is really love to see photos of the insides of the clothes! I just love neat insides 😍


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