Photo Monday – Warm and Sunny

It finally got sunny and warm Friday and Saturday. (I’ll skip over the part where it got windy, grey, and cold again on Sunday.) We’ve been starved for warm sunlight these past months so we went to Prospect Park. Seems like half of Brooklyn had the same idea. I’ve never seen the park so full of people all over the place. Packed! I let Mathieu and the girls relax while I traipsed around for pictures. Other areas of the park were just as full. I saw a photographer doing maternity pictures with a couple, another one doing a wedding, one doing portraits, and tons of people like me with their amateur cameras and cell phones.

The trees only have little bits of leaves growing so the scene is still quite wintry. Maybe I should have taken the macro lens but I had the wide angle lens instead. I had to get quite close. Thankfully, that lens lets me get closer than my 50mm lens so even though I could only zoom in to 40mm, I think I got the little leaves and flowers as big as I could have made them with the 50mm lens.





Cherry trees are in full bloom and so pretty. The magnolias will be along soon.


Each time I go to Prospect Park, I snap a picture of the boat house and never share it. It just never works out. This time, I like the look of it as long as I’m in black and white. Otherwise, there’s a bright orange buoy in the way. It looks more like Sunday’s dreary weather but whatever…


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2 comments on “Photo Monday – Warm and Sunny
  1. Charity says:

    How pretty! I love the cherry blossoms!


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