Photo Monday – Portrait Practice

I had no inspiration for pictures this week. It’s been a theme lately, hasn’t it? I tell myself I could just take a break but I know that, if I do, it’ll be months before I get back to it. I’ve done so many flower close ups lately and I’m bored with it. Other than that, sure Prospect Park is right there but I’m also a bit bored with that. M suggested portraits. I said no at first but then, I realized it’s been a while. Have I ever said that I started practicing my photography in order to do good portraits? And I haven’t taken any in a long time unless you count the quicky photoshoots I’ve done for my sewing.

I had my macro lens on. I usually use the 50mm prime for portraits but I also like the macro. It’s 100mm, gives me good blur, and allows me to be a little further from my subject which gives them more space to mess around. I took a handful of quick pictures just for fun. I was in the kitchen and the lighting wasn’t great.


Usually, I try not to have this many shadows since I’m trying to show clothes I’ve made but I love a good value contrast. I explored that a little more, getting closer to a window to make it more dramatic.


I’d originally planned on having them all in black and white to make the light-dark contrast the main focus but I just like the way my kids look in color better…


The plan was to have V also model for me but she had the hardest time being anything other than silly.



Granted, she’s cute. But she was moving around so much! For portraits, I try to focus on an eye. I don’t know about others but as long as one eye is in focus, the rest of the face can be blurred and I’m not bothered. Window of the soul and all that…


Anyway, the camera already had a hard time focusing on V’s eyes what with the glasses in front. Add in movement and I ended up aiming for the upper cheek area instead. It worked though! Now, I’m curious to go more dramatic with the lighting. Hopefully, the weather works out for it next week because I don’t know that I’d be able to set this up at home.

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