Photo Monday – Montserrat and Dali

After one week in Barcelona, we went to Cadaqués for the rest of our trip. On our way to Cadaqués, we stopped by Montserrat. I say we stopped there but it was a serious detour. M wanted to see the monastery. If I’m being completely honest, and I am, I would rather have gone for a hike in the mountains. The rock formations in that area are amazing and I would have loved to see more.






We didn’t have the time though so we headed straight to Cadaqués. And oh, those little winding roads to get there! I often get sick unless I’m looking at the road. I also need to not be hungry or I’ll get sick. After getting through once, we had no desire to do any day trips. We did make an exception for Figueres, where we visited the Dali theater-museum.



The space is unbelievable. The museum itself was created by Dali and it’s such a wonderful match for his art. Just as surrealist as everything else.


I’m no art connoisseur and I get annoyed with long winded art analysis. I just know that when I look at Dali’s work, I feel a sense of joyful experimentation. Just trying out whatever idea comes along. It fascinates me. I tried to get pictures of my favorite pieces but I couldn’t do them justice. But I had fun in that space, feeling like I was walking through a sculpture or painting. It made me want to see more. So we went to see Dali’s house in Cadaqués. We didn’t visit because M and the girls were over it at this point. But here’s the house, with eggs on top, just like the museum.


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