Working Through Precious Fabric 3

Hey! I’m looking to the right! Probably because we’re on a boat and there’s a lot of people and I don’t want to look at them. I know for a fact that I feel totally self conscious in these pictures. I much prefer getting pictures in a less public environment. I only did this because I happened to be wearing the dress and I didn’t know when we’d have another chance to photograph it. Only that also means I called it quits before we had a lot of shots and now, I’m stuck with a few blurry ones and one actually good one.

I bought this fabric at the same time as the cicada one and it has the same sort of waxy surface and structure. It was always going to be a dress but I can’t remember if it was always going to be this one. I’ve wanted the Deer&Doe Belladone dress for a long time. That back! But I’ve never made a Deer&Doe pattern before and I didn’t know how the fit would be one me. It’s so much easier sticking to the brands you’re used to, you know?


I threw caution to the wind and skipped the muslin. My measurements put me between two sizes and I chose the larger one based on the finished measurements. Good thing too because the top is quite fitted. The only modification I made was a 3/8″ forward shoulder adjustment. I need it so often I figured I might as well just do it. The rest is the pattern as is.

And look how it fits! I started out with the expectation that I would need to mess around with the fit, especially in the back. I sometimes have issues with extra fabric at the lower back which I figured I could just take in at the waistband. Other times, I have extra fabric at the upper back and I thought it might work to just overlap the upper back bodice more if that was the case. But it worked! I think it did a happy dance when I tried it on the first time.



The back does have some looseness is some positions but that’s just wearing ease. In other positions, it’s perfect.

And uh, there really isn’t that much to say about it. The instructions were clear, the drafting good. I appreciate the fronts pleats on the skirt. They help keep the dress comfortable despite how fitted the bodice is. And just the right amount of space for a meal!


The fabric helps the skirt keep its A-line shape. And I think I’ve found another pattern company that drafts well for my body!


PS: I just realized I paired a French fabric with a French pattern. Kinda fitting…

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4 comments on “Working Through Precious Fabric 3
  1. Lori B. says:

    Lovely! You look great, not self-conscious at all. Gotta love it when a new make inspires a happy dance!


    • Thank you! I’m good at faking confidence then, I guess? But yeah, I always approach new to me pattern companies with some trepidation. Sometimes, the adjustments I have to make are overwhelming. So when this fit perfectly right off the bat and exactly like I wanted? Happy dance!


  2. Charity says:

    That looks so good on you! And hurrah for a new pattern company to work for you!


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