Thebe Cowl-Shawl Thingy

I just checked and I finished this in August. I got pictures last week…

This is the second installment from the 2018 Ysolda Teague shawl club. No, I haven’t knit the first installment yet. I was too busy when it came out and then, I don’t even know. I’m also only halfway through the third installment and the fourth is coming soon.

Anyway, the pattern is called Thebe and it’s a cowl but with a shawl-like point at the front and shorter back.


It’s knit in Callisto yarn, a fingering weight 55% bluefaced leicester and 45% silk yarn. It’s soft with a beautiful sheen. I had a hard time getting the color right in the pictures but it’s a gorgeous greyed blue. It looks kettle dyed or something of the sort.

Construction was typical Ysolda in that it’s thoughtful and clever. The top zigzag is wrapped stitches and I love the effect but hated doing it. And then I got to the second zigzag with those small nupps. I hate knitting nupps and bobbles. It was worth it though.



I had M take pictures of me in our cold, heatless apartment and I realized that this is more of Fall or Spring cowl than Winter. Or even cool Summer evenings. You can see where the ribbing doesn’t hug my neck. I need my neck nice and protected in the Winter, thank you very much. Or it could work indoors in Winter!



I should get back to work on that third installment so that I don’t fall behind too much…

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2 comments on “Thebe Cowl-Shawl Thingy
  1. Charity says:

    How pretty! I love the lace design- and what an interesting shape with the cowl/shawl combination!


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