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I gave my sister a combo birthday-housewarming-Christmas gift this year but I still wanted to give her something to unwrap at Christmas. So I got her champagne gummy bears!

Seriously, I did. But I also knit her a little something. Last year, I’d made her fingerless gloves out of some beautiful, soft Manos del Uruguay yarn. I’d bought two hanks which I knew would be way too much. And the Study Hall Shawl came out and I had to make it for my sister. I figured her office was bound to be cold either in Winter or Summer or in between. And that mosaic stitch pattern!


I used the leftover pink (and I still have some!) from last year’s fingerless mitts. I needed a contrast. I had this dark grey yarn that would have worked and that was the original plan. But then, a gorgeous hank of burgundy Malabrigo sock yarn just happened to be stored next to that pink yarn. The combination of the two colors sang in a way that made the grey look ordinary. Also, I received this yarn from a friend and I know she would love that I used it for a gift (she’s an all around kind and lovely person).


And that’s how the plan was hatched with plenty of knitting time to go. And I didn’t knit. November came around and I realized I needed to get going. I rushed the fingerless mitts for V so I could get to this shawl. I knit like a fiend everyday to get this done. It took me less than a month but I knit on this each time I had a second. All my free time went to this shawl. I finished with plenty of time to spare so I probably could have relaxed a little. Those who know me know that nope, I couldn’t have relaxed.


I was a little worried the dark color might run on the light pink so I put a color catcher in my sink when I washed it before blocking. The water stayed clear, the color catcher stayed white, and the light pink was intact.

I didn’t take any pictures before giving the shawl. I was going to ask my sister to model but I almost forgot and then, she had to go to work. Then, I was going to ask E to model the shawl for me but she was in one of those tween moods. And she was wearing her unicorn pig onesie (yes, a unicorn pig). It’s cute but it doesn’t work for shawl modeling. So no modeled pics.


PS: I didn’t get to taste the champagne gummies…

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