Photo Monday – Year of the Pig

We don’t normally celebrate Lunar New Year (but the kids get the day off from school). This year though, I wanted to do something. Because E is a pig. I suggested we go to the parade in Manhattan and M thought it would be fun. We found a spot toward the end of the route where I thought we might have a good view. With Manhattan bridge in the background, complete with noise from the subways going by…

I had no clue what to expect. Would this be a small uninteresting thing or would there be a dragon? I really wanted to see a dragon…

The parade opened with police on horseback. There was a gorgeous brown one but I couldn’t get a picture of it that didn’t have this black one’s behind right in his face.


And then, right away, a dragon! We actually saw several dragons. Honestly, they never get old. I was as excited for the fifth one as for the first one.




And these ones are lions, right?


This man seemed so happy to dance in the parade. I loved him.



But this one. Is this one a pig or a lion? It was a lot like the lions but with the pink… Whatever, we’re going to call him a pig to make E happy even though I actually think he’s a lion.


Oh, and look at those traditional dresses! I’m guessing they’re the traditional outfits of different ethnic groups? I know pretty much nothing about this. But they’re beautiful and the women just looked so happy and proud!


And then, there were bagpipes. Ever so slightly unexpected… But V loves the bagpipes. We left after the firefighters came through because it looked like it was over (there was a police car) and we were cold. I think we may have missed the ending though. Maybe we’ll go again next year and stick around longer if it isn’t as cold…

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