Photo Monday – Moody

Whenever I take my camera out and my kids are around, I’ll snap a few pictures of them. If they weren’t the intended focus, there will only be a handful and most will get deleted. But once in a while, I’ll actually like the portraits enough to share them. That happened last week but they didn’t fit in with the parade pictures. Somehow, the parade pictures were bright and colorful whereas these were dark and moody.

I’ve been trying to take this kind of portrait for a long time. Each time I think I have the right light, it doesn’t work out. I still don’t get what was different last week but it finally worked. Right when I wasn’t even trying. And it wasn’t even all in the same conditions! One picture was taken at the parade itself.


Then, these three were taken nearby, at Ice and Vice.




Side note: Ice and Vice is my favorite ice cream place in New York. They have incredibly original flavors. Even their vanilla isn’t completely basic, even though they call it Basic B. I pretty much never go to that neighborhood though so if I’m close enough like we were last week, I go. Even if I’m freezing and it isn’t exactly ice cream weather. Last Summer, I actually went took the subway, got my ice cream cone, ate it on the library steps, and went home. It was worth it. I wish they would open in Brooklyn, preferably in my neighborhood…


(Oh, this last one was taken on the way home.)

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5 comments on “Photo Monday – Moody
  1. […] moody portraits from two weeks ago made me want to try the dramatic lighting again. I bought a big bouquet Saturday morning to serve […]


  2. Whocares? says:

    Je te dirais bien que les photos des deux petites sont sublimes, mais comme je ne recevrai jamais aucune réponse, pas la peine.


    • Ummm, merci, mais quoi? Je réponds presque toujours aux commentaires sur mes billets. J’ai même pris le temps de vérifier less commentaires provenant de cette adresse et il n’y a que deux fois où je n’ai pas répondu : en 2014 quand je répondais moins en général et il y a presqu’exactement un an, sur un billet sur lequel je n’ai répondu à aucun commentaire parce que j’étais triste et que j’avais besoin de passer à autre chose.


  3. Anonymous says:

    I came back here because I keep thinking the first two would make really nice references for painted portraits. And it’s exactly this kind of photo I can never get of S…


    • My trick has usually been to casually point my camera at bunches of other things and catch the kids when they don’t realize it. The girls have gotten good at just going about their business while I take pictures or, alternately, taking the poses and expressions they know I’ll like but I still use stealth mode a lot.


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