Photo Monday – Weekend Randomness

E had a viola recital this weekend. Just a small thing in a library basement, 6 students and the teacher who was just the second violin in two duets (everyone else played the violin). E did such a good job! She was nervous but she played just as well as when practicing (a few mild mistakes). Anxiety is one of her biggest hurdles so yeah. Performing as well in front of strangers as she has at home is huge for her.


(I only took a few pictures of her. I’m happy to finally be getting comfortable with manual mode. It was a huge help in getting good quality pictures. I went with black and white because she was still wearing her band from skating class and it clashed badly with her shirt. Also, I’m a fan of her choice of outfit: black patent Docs, black velvet leggings, and red/black plaid tunic. Her version of dressy and it appeals to my 90s nostalgia…)

The teacher gave each child a sunflower and I had fun taking pictures of it the following morning, slightly wilted from not having been put in water.




Then, M suggested we visit a new neighborhood for brunch. We went to Prospect Heights. Turns out he meant try a new restaurant, which we did. Found some crocuses. (Yay Spring!)


When we got home, we threw out the bouquet I bought a couple weeks ago. One of the flowers still looked good so I snapped it before throwing it out.


Again, so glad for manual mode. I think I might be this close to just sticking with it for all pictures.

PS: We had brunch at Olmsted and it was delicious. Highly recommend it if you’re in that neighborhood and in the mood for a fancy brunch. Food is served home style I think they said. Platters set in the middle for everyone.

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