Photo Monday – Two Birds

I’m ashamed to admit how long it took me to get pictures of these masks. I couldn’t even say exactly! I remember I was meant to just grab quick phone pics to share on Instagram but it was too dark. I waited for sunlight and forgot. I only actually got around to taking these because M wants to put them away today since we haven’t yet figured out how to display them.



Almost two years ago, M and I went to this, ummm, theater experience? We had these white masks to wear and we just walked around while the actors did their thing. We got to keep the masks afterwards and I saved them for the girls. I thought they might have fun decorating them. I pulled them out this Spring on a day they were home from school. Spring break? Something like that.


I told them the part that sticks out reminded me of a beak and they both hopped onto the bird idea. E just did a blue bird but V was specifically inspired by mallards. They’d been doing a bird study at school and she was very into sharing her knowledge. (Side note: as part of the bird study, I went on a bird watching expedition in Prospect Park with her class. The best part for me was hearing some blue jays flying above head, sounding their alarm cry. Right after, a red tailed hawk showed up. I love how we get to live in such a vibrant city and still be steps from nature.)


The girls used my acrylic paints first. I only have black, white, red, blue, yellow, gold, and a few shades of brown so they had to mix colors to get the shades they wanted. It was the perfect choice: adhered well, opaque with just one layer, and dried super fast. Then, they glued feathers, sequins, and beads on top. V used the glue gun so E had to pick another type of glue (I have lots). E’s choice ended up being the better one because she didn’t end up with a bunch of plastic threads. Finally, they decorated the beak with gold glitter glue. And we only used stuff we already had! Which probably says something about my craft supplies purchasing and hoarding habits…



You know, whenever I pull out supplies for a project, it never ends up as successful as I’d imagined. This time though, I think they turned out perfect!


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