Easy Maxi Dress

After making those pants for E, I felt like I should make V something as well. So on the way back from school one day, I talked to her about what she might like. A maxi dress. I forget the other requirements because I knew right away which pattern to use: McCall’s 7589. I even bought it thinking of her. Totally her style. So I showed her the pattern when we got home. She asked for view D.

I went to the fabric stash to find something. I selected three possible fabrics for her to look at but I knew which one would be perfect: the Cotton and Steel rayon that I used on these dresses. (Oh, and E’s dress still fits in width. The dress has gotten shorter but since it was so long, she still wears it. I swear, that child is just stretching out longer and thinner.)

Anyhow. I was a little worried I wouldn’t have enough fabric but I managed to fit all the pieces. No need for creative pattern piece placement but also no leftovers! That was very satisfying.

I chose to make a medium which was the smallest size in the envelope and supposedly the right size for V. Supposedly because it ended up quite wide, even for a loose fit, and the armholes quite low. And I had to hem it up by, like 4 inches or something. Could’ve used a small. As it is though, it still works. I just have to pull the drawstring a little more at the neck and she has more gathers. At least, I’ll be able to let out the hem as she grows and she should be able to wear it a long time. In fact, she could share it with her sister… (Ha! That won’t happen.)


Whatevs. She’s happy. She’s been wearing it a lot. I only got a few pictures in Greece because the Sun was in her eyes.


I tried to get more during the day but then she wasn’t feeling cooperative…


One note about construction. The instructions have you hem the underarms before sewing the side seams and then hand sewing the seam allowance to the sides so it doesn’t poke out weirdly. I didn’t like that so I did the side seams first. And when I went to hem the underarm, I understood. The underarm has a V shape rather than a U. I guess that’s okay in this style of dress but really, how hard would it have been to just smooth out the shape? In my case, I just stretched the fabric to force it into a U shape when I hemmed.


It’s fine but in the future, I’ll tweak the underarm on the pattern. Because I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting requests for more of this dress…


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