Photo Monday – Oia, Santorini (Mostly)

I have to confess that editing these pictures has been difficult. The computer is in a room with no windows and I just do not want to be there. This would be much easier with a laptop, especially since it takes me a while to get the colors as close to right as possible…

Anyway. After Rhodes, we headed to Santorini. M had reserved a suite in a hotel in Oia (that’s the pretty Santorini town that you see in all the postcards). It was gorgeous. About a 10-15 minute walk from the town itself? It’s a very touristy place so there are lots and lots of hotels. Luckily, they all conform to that Santorini look so they don’t ruin the landscape.




Our first day, we arrived in the afternoon, when Oia is at its busiest. We decided we may as well walk around and watch the famous sunset. We reached the spot where everyone goes to watch the sunset and it was packed. I have pictures where the sunset is gorgeous but there are a bunch of heads in front! It still kind of works because they’re backlit but, eh… I’m amazed I even got this shot. Trying to remember how I managed to find this spot and why I left it before the end.


After sunset, we went down to the little port, Ammoudi. We had reservations for one of the restaurants there. We had fish, fresh from the day. I had red mullet (yes, that’s the name, how could I forget?) and I think they just grilled it, maybe a little salt and pepper. And it was delicious! Possibly the best fish I’ve ever had. E had mussels in her dish, I think. I know she had a dish with the best mussels the world has ever known at one point during our trip. Seriously, she gave me one and it was the most amazing mussel ever. (Lots of superlatives here I know, but it was just that good.)


We had to climb back up over 250 steps afterwards so that was our meal well digested…


In the following days, we almost always went to Oia for something or other. One evening, we ate in a restaurant that was a little out of the way and I realized we hadn’t explored much of the real town. The part where people live. So we went one morning, hoping to beat the crowds. It was absolutely charming. I didn’t get a whole lot of pictures because a certain child (V, it was totally V) was in a horrible mood. And Santorini gets hot fast.




Trying to go by theme here so I decided to include these pictures because they have those blue topped buildings. Churches, actually. All the blue domed buildings I saw on the island were churches. The first two are in Pyrgos and the last one is in Exo Gonia.




(It was after dinner so the Sun was setting. Oh, we’d had dinner at Metaxi Mas in Exo Gonia and again, deelish. I ate so well in Greece!)

Next week, I’ll try to cover everything else we saw in Santorini. I think I’m going to have to do a lot of editing…

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