Photo Monday – At the Seaport

So there’s this art installation at the Seaport in Manhattan and I knew the girls would like it. It’s just not an area we go to a lot though so I wasn’t sure what to match it with and we never went. Then, I saw it was only on until September. No clue whether that meant until September 30th or 1st. So I was kind of in a hurry to go. I looked it up and noticed there was more public art in that neighborhood so I thought we could walk around, check everything out, and… Maybe grab a bite? (Actually, now that I think about it, it’s well located to walk across Brooklyn Bridge and there’s some good eating to be had on that side.)

Labor day being September 2nd, I thought it would still be there then but could possibly be taken down the next day. So we braved the clouds and rain forecast and went. It rained. A lot. We ended up taking refuge in a bookstore until the rain stopped. We had lunch and we went back. We ended up not staying long and not seeing everything because we had to get back for the girls’ music lessons.


But we did see the installation. The Nautilus. It’s a bit of a marketing thing for Lincoln which was a bit umm, icky? or something? for me. I don’t mind private companies sponsoring art like at Beyond the Streets. But this one is more of a publicity stunt than simply sponsoring art. It’s still a fun piece and V was almost impossible to tear away but I don’t like feeling like someone is actively trying to sell me something. Anyway.



The spots where the girls have their hands activate the sculpture. The lights turn on and off and there’s music. We tried to figure out how the different ones played together but couldn’t figure it out. So we just had fun with it. The lights, color, and music were actually soothing. Don’t think Times Square type lighting here. The music wasn’t loud and it was calm. It had more of a new age feel to it.


It’s a lovely little (very little) neighborhood too. Cobblestone streets and old buildings that contrast with the skyscrapers all around. It’s just never been very animated when we’ve gone. It looks like there may be more people there on weekdays. I definitely want to go again. When it isn’t raining.

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